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  1. Input for approaches for Old Snowy - Ives Peak

    Just got back on Friday, and there is snow at the 5200ft level but the Snowgrass flats is very scenic.
  2. Looking for AT Boot

    Looking for a good AT boot to go with my Silvretta 500's. I need something that will hike/climb well and is crampoon compatable. Right now I'm using my Koflach Verticals which are great but need something for the ride down. I'm not opposed to getting something older and used too. I'm a size 13/mondo 31. So give me your input. I figured that since it was the end of the season I could pick up a deal somewhere.
  3. ID bivi sacks

    I have the unishelter and like it a lot. You can use it with our without the pole for four season mountnaineering. I also reinforced the seams.
  4. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    As I read the story Perry was sick and Henson went on but who's to know.
  5. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    Well, as a black man, mountaineer, hiker, snowboarder and skier to just name a few; I feel that a lot of it does come down to money and what your exposed to. Lets be honest here people, we have very expensive hobbies. Also if your parents were city people and never ventured out of the urban area your more inclined to do the same. My parents exposed me to alot of what the world had to offer and it was up to me to decide what was my calling. but here is to being individuals and having the option of being that little brown speck on the side of the hill. Also remember it was Matthew Henson (a black man) that was the first to the north pole, not Commander Robert Edwin Peary sometimes history forgets. We are few but we are out there.
  6. Overall Mounataineering Rope

    Thanks for the input; I have several ropes ranging from a 10.5 to 8mm. I was looking for a workhorse to beat on with out destroying one of my others. But I will take it all in and make a choice.
  7. Overall Mounataineering Rope

    I'm looking for an all purpose dry rope. I need it to be light (I was thinking the 8-9mm range) yet to be able to withstand Glacier travel/rapel/top rope/and lead climbing short pitches. I looked into a twin or a double but dont want to rely on someone else bringing a match. Hit me up and let me know; also where I can pick it up, cheers!
  8. Backcountry around Mt St Helens?

    Dont know but if you find away let us know I want in on that
  9. Anybody else with achilles problems?

    I thought I had done something to mine and come to find out it was my calf muscle, where it connects to the heal.
  10. Touching the Void

    What other books has he written? I have those two and they are great reads.
  11. Backcountry around Mt St Helens?

    Both will work for you, but US Forest Service patrols that area and a lot of it is off limits because of volcano. Boy do they love to issue tickets, so keep an eye out.
  12. Sturgeon Rock- Exploratory climb anyone?

    No but thats in our patrol district so I will have to check it out.
  13. Injury report(saved by a black diamond catalog)

    Woah thats amazing. I agree you need to email that to BD; hey maybe you'll get some gear out of it. Get well.
  14. stolen gear

    That must be a hot spot for theft. I had gear stolen out of my rig right out side the pub there. Luck they didnt get my pack just a bag with a helmet, rack of biners and dirty wet clothes. Well keep an eye out.
  15. New to Portland area - where's the climbing?

    Lewis and Clark park