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  1. EcoTopia

    No, the land was purchased. On helping out the farms, there's lots of ways... Working with Olympia to get farm produce in the schools so kids have better, fresh food and the farmers have a consistent local buyer. Connecting urban people to farms where they can buy partnerships and get local food weekly - better fruits and produce than Safeway.... Putting together entrepreneurship programs so farmers can learn better ways to market their product and get it out to a larger audience... the list goes on. But I doubt that I'll continue posting here because the last thing I need is to wake up in the morning to being called an intellectually-dishonest punk, left-wing nut. Whatever. Oh, and yeah I do live in both Seattle and Roslyn, but my family has been there for about a hundred years... so, yeah,, I guess we immigrated there a hundred years ago.... You people are rad! Nice climbing community here. I'll get right onto that partner's list since other opinions are so welcome. And nope, I'm not one of your buddies fucking with you. Just someone passing through calling you out on your gas-bag bullshit. Meanwhile, I'm going to go to work and actually get more of this work done. I'll work especially hard at it today just for you.
  2. EcoTopia

    Oh! Ya got me there!
  3. EcoTopia

    Hmmm... I meantion protecting local farms and farmers and you hear.... that I'm trumping food production.... I sound like a WASHPirg lawyer? It doesn't sound like your listening.
  4. EcoTopia

    Hmmm... well I'm a big ol' liberal environmentalist.... I do tons of extremist stuff like; Recently putting 300 acres of land in Roslyn into conservation... It's pretty horrible that I'm stopping un checked development and now they can only build 1000 new homes between Roslyn & Salmon La Sac instead of 3100. Oh... I've also been working hard to get Washington people to support local farms and local food- making sure farmers can continue their way of life and that local folks have access to safe, healthy food. Oh yeah... I was part of a group that went up against another major developer in the state and we forced them to do things like... reduce overall development by 20% limit light pollution so people can still see the stars protect wildlife corridors created easments so that the land adjacent to the rivers remains in public hands Oh, yeah... and made sure that anyone working on their projects now and into the future will be paid wages consistent with union prevailing wages so that local families can afford to live there as their taxes and costs of living increase due to the development. Better watch out for us liberal environmentalists. We're a scary bunch!
  5. Come to Roslyn Saturday 7/17

    What: Benefit for friends in Roslyn When: Saturday night Where: Marko’s Pub – if you can get to Roslyn, you can find Marco’s Why: In need of some community support Hey cascadeclimbers, Sorry for the big bulk email, but I want to extend an invitation for something to do this Saturday night 7/17. Consider it your base camp for Alpine Lake adventures! If you’ve ever been interested about checking out Roslyn, this weekend would be a good time to do just that. Especially if you would like to get a feel of the real, local, caring Roslyn community. Here is the deal- A little more than a month ago two Roslyn residents were running errands in Seattle and were involved in a very bad accident. I don’t want to spread too much of their personal details over email, but it has been a very, very difficult ordeal and it is far from over. My friends, Tom and Jan, are some of the best community folk around. They own the local theater, are good to people, and have been a big part of the Roslyn community for more than 20 years. So these fabulous people are in need of some community help and I wanted to extend the invitation to some Seattle people. The Event- A benefit show at Markos Pub in Roslyn. The local band, Free Beer @ Exit 80 will be playing (they’re good too!) $5.00 donation at the door and it looks like there will be a raffle too. I image the show will start around 8 or 9pm All benefits are going to the Wells Fargo account that has been set up for them to assist with medical expense and to keep the Roslyn Theatre going strong. Where to stay…. Options include (from least expensive to most expensive) 1. Camping – there is a ton just beyond Roslyn out towards Salmon La Sac and I can tell you of all the incredible free (or $5) spots that you need to know about. 2. Hotel Room in Cle Elum – it’s not nearly as cool as Roslyn, but the rooms are much more affordable. There are lots of hotels. Just let me know if you need some suggestions. They run about $40 - $50/night. 3. Lodging in Roslyn – a. Harry’s Inn – it’s right above Village Pizza in the downtown metropolis. There are only 4 rooms, so call right away. It’s about $70/night. 509-649-2551. b. Huckberry House B&B, this place is a little more spendy (~$100/night), but it’s great! http://www.huckleberryhouse.com/ The new owners Don and Sybil are really neat. Okay, thanks for putting up with this long email. I hope you’ll consider coming over for this! Let me know and I’ll be happy to take you on a walk to the river or any personalized tour that you want!
  6. Come to Roslyn Saturday 7/17

    Oh! And I should mention that while the intent behind the benefit is quite serious - the event will be light-hearted good times. Here is a review of the band in case anyone is interested... http://www.kvnews.com/articles/2004/06/16/arts/arts02.txt
  7. Teanaway River Road?

    It should be fine in a 2wd... it's a pretty easy road. It may have even been graded recently... I know that they just graded the road up to Cathedral/Hyas in the last few weeks and it made a HUGE difference. They may have taken care of the Teanaway too. Even if they didn't, it should be fine in a 2wd... just bumpy.
  8. Teanaway River Road?

    It's melted all the way to the trailhead.
  9. Desparately Seeking New Stove

    It seems like the newer whisperlite have pretty good simmer control. Better than older models anyway. It makes me question if it's worth moving to a simmerlite.
  10. Hi I'm new. I need new boots ASAP. My Asolos were alright, but they're old, the stitching is coming out, tread is low, no longer water proof - more like water-wicking, and I think I need a boot that better fits my needs. I'm not so much of a climber as of yet... although I can see that in my future. I'm doing lots of 3-4 day backpacking trips mostly in the alpine lakes and have been doing lots of off trail exploration that include some tricky ridge traversing and crossing some snow fields that left me really wishing I had better boots. So I tried on the Kaylands yesterday and they felt really good, but I read a review of Kaylands (a different model) that said that the stiff sole can be an issue when off trail because of loosing sensitivity. Does anyone have advice to offer? I also tried the La Sportiva Glacier, and they were alright, but the fit was not as heavenly as the Kayland. I'm open to other brands too, but I have a pretty narrow foot and it's difficult to find a store with a gret selection of Women's mountaineering boots that I can actually try on & wander around in. Thanks!