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  1. late wallowas TR

    This is from a post at ttips. not much of a TR, but lots of photos to entertain! _________________________ hey all, i know this is a bit late, and we all have to jog our memories to recall what life was like before last week's mega-storm. that aside, i thought you might like to see some photos from a recent wallowas trip during the end of feb. after making it out to the wallowas at least once every winter for the past 7 years, the bluebird photos you'll see represent the best single day i've ever experienced in our NE Oregon powder stash. the 8" of fresh with clear skies wasn't abnormal, but the lack of previous wind activity and stable conditions in the upper bowls made for the rare treat of skiing some of the best fall lines off of wing ridge. trip report: floodphotoblog.com photoset: new ethic 2006 hope you enjoy!
  2. Practically new Tua Crossride 110 skis mounted w/ BD O2 bindings. 192cm in length. Both the skis and bindings have only 2 days on them. Hurry up and get a great deal on an awesome all-mountain ski! Skis w/ bindings: $250 (may consider selling separately)
  3. New G3 skis

    yes, i think "revolutionized" may have be some strong language, and credit is due to Mr. Rainey for introducing (or re-introducing?) the aformentioned design features. i guess the real point i was trying to get to was G3's implementation of the various features of what we consider "modern-day" tele bindings, and the way many binding manufacturers seemed to follow suit. compression springs/stainless steel were parts of the old pitbull too--what a classic!
  4. Can anyone give me road information (what's open, how far) for roads leading into the olympics between lk. cushman & hamma hamma river rd? i know most of the FS roads aren't really plowed, and lots of fresh snow fell last weekend. hoodsport ranger station wasn't too helpful, so if any of you penninsula locals have some beta it will be much appreciated. thanks!
  5. New G3 skis

    greta: i didn't mean to come across as uptight re: this thread. i think it's great that everyone is giving their opinion & sharing information. it seemed that in the earlier posts there were a few unfounded opinions, but they were also answered by folks with a bit more facts. i enjoy reading the spray when it is amusing, not when it only serves to circulate false information--guess i just felt compelled to reply. thanks for your response--it's good to see everyone doing their homework before throwing down big $$ for the right tools.
  6. New G3 skis

    seems this is a hot topic rife with misinformation--i'll try to clear up some misconceptions and give a bit of a review of the skis themselves. Paul Parker has an extremely solid rep. in the BC ski industry. If you haven't heard of him, or are skeptical, i'll assume that you are relatively new to the sport, an avid sprayer, or both. Paul is responsible for many of the "progressive" ski design ideas that we take for granted today. he started designing with Chouinard Equipment (before the BD & quality degradation days), and then worked with Tua (fitting, as Tua was making BD/Chouinard skis way back in the day). aside from years of design work with Tua ( a huge favorite in the telemark ski community for years), Paul is also largely responsible for the development of garmont's latest boot line--if you are currently skiing on a pair of Energy's or Synergy's, thank Paul Parker. As has been mentioned, he also wrote THE book on telemark skiing instruction and has helped quite a bit to progress the community of the sport itself. Tua's demise had nothing to do with Paul, and everything to do with mismanagement. (for an interview with Paul on this subject, click here G3 has been working with Paul over the past 2 yrs to design a line of performance oriented backcountry skis. I don't feel G3's entrance into the bc ski market is just an attempt to make money with boring designs. look at their history--they started with a measly avalanche probe as their only product, but made it bomber; then, their binding design essentially revolutionized tele bindings ( stainless steel toe-plates, integrated anti-ice plate, compression springs, etc.), and all of us skiing fat/beefed-up tele skis can thank them for helping our bindings keep pace with our skis. i regard their entry into the ski market as offering a small-batch performance product that seeks to set itself apart from what is already offered. comparing G3 to BD is apples to oranges. BD has used their customers as their R& D department far too many times. yes, G3 had a bit of bad luck with their first try at skins, but at least they were responsible enough to pull shipments and put everything on hold until they could get it right. As for the skis: yes, there is one asymetrical pair--the Ticket. it's main concept is that there is more sidecut on the outside edge of the ski, thus helping it to turn quicker. i think this will be especially helpful for tele-skiers' continual battle to keep that inside ski right where it needs to be (next to your outside ski--not trailing and anchoring you in the pow!). they are also recommending it for AT (this holds true for the whole line), and if you see one of their reps at a demo you can try the ticket mounted AT. i have put most of my time in on the Baron--the "all-arounder" the group. just had a great day at bachelor on them this weekend with 12-14" of fresh. though they are not the fattest ski in the line (116/81/104), they kept a'floatin for some deep lines in the trees and a few runs off the cone. my loudest praise for the baron is that it is everything we are used to in a hard-charging tele ski (think TM:X), yet is really damp (think anything Rossi of late). i believe this is due to their abs sidewalls. it felt a tad softer than the tm:x to me, but what i really noticed was it's smooth stability through the crud and cut-up mank. edge-to-edge quickness was fine for tight trees (i was riding a 184 length). again in comparison to the tm:ex (my top ski for '03-'04), i felt it wasn't as active/snappy or had the same edge hold, but it was close. however, it's smoothness and ability to absorb energy really stood out. makes sense to me, considering G3 is really going for the backcountry user in mind. i did ski the reverend for a few runs at the hoodoo demo this weekend. again, this is a really smooth/damp ski, and suprisingly responsive for it's size. cruising the groomed was fun and it was easy to stay in control the whole time. when venturing into the margins, it buffed over everything and really wants to let you maintain speed! seemed a little softer than the baron, but it's no noodle. the siren is the women's specific model. it is not a tuned-down/softer version of a men's ski. it seems to be pretty stiff compared to most female skis on the market. in fact, i know a few lighter men (sub 150lbs.) that call this their favorite in the entire line. in general, G3's offerings are great for skiers who are demanding of the performance of ther skis and know how to drive them. they may not be the best for someone new to tele that needs to learn how to lead the ski. like any good ski, they know where they want to go, you just have to get them there. i would recomend the baron/reverend/siren to any skier that enjoys cruising big lines and holding mid-to-long radius turns. the ticket (haven't actually been on it yet), is probably the one you want for superior edge-to-edge quickness (bumps, anyone?), but is still geared for the backcountry with it's 120mm shovel & 81mm waist. instead of cranking the rumor mill and confusing us all, why don't we actually ski and let the rest of the community know what we think. i know a number of shops are carrying G3's in their demo fleets this year: check out OMC in Portland, or Marmot in Seattle. enjoy!!
  7. Marmot Shell for Sale

    POINT OF CLARIFICATION: The Marmot Jacket for sale is an "Alpinist Alloy". It is not the Alpinist Lightweight or any other shell in the Marmot Alpinist series. This is Marmot's premium lightweight/waterproof/breathable shell. Here is some more info: Description: Designed for ounce-counting alpinists, the Marmot Alpinist Alloy Jacket utilizes extremely lightweight Gore-Tex® XCR® and a unique hybrid construction to shed weight. Features: * Exceptionally breathable 3-layer Gore-Tex XCR construction is fully water- and windproof to keep you protected on backcountry adventures * An advanced combination of micro stitching and seam welding, and a careful application of tiny seam taping reduce the overall weight * Pit zips vent heat while ascending, an integral full-visibility hood provides great vision and interior bottle pockets keep your beverages in a liquid state * Dual, pack-friendly pockets are cut high so they won’t get in the way of your pack's hipbelt * Reinforced shoulders and elbows stand-up to pack wear and tear * Elasticized waist drawcord seals in warmth/seals out the elements Specifications: * Waterproofing: Gore-Tex XCR * Fabric: 40-denier ripstop nylon I'm sorry if the first post was a bit vague!
  8. Tele Set-Up--Great Condition!!

    only interested in selling the bindings alone if the skis don't sell, or someone else wants the skis alone. check the post in a while and make me an offer if they are still around. thanks!
  9. Marmot Shell for Sale

    FOR SALE: Marmot Alpinist Gore-Tex XCR Jacket Men's Medium Color: Steel Grey Rarely worn & in new condition Marmot's top-of-the-line GoreTex climbing shell for their '03-'04 line. ** $200 ** UPS shipping is available at buyer's expense. Please PM or post reply if you are interested.
  10. Tele Set-Up--Great Condition!!

    I have 2 Separate Telemark Set-up's for sale: BIG & SMOOTH Tua Crossride 110's, 192cm length Black Diamond 02 Bindings Like new!--this setup has only been used twice. Once at the resort, and once in the BC. A great all-mountain performance ski This is also a great AT ski. If you are interested in the skis only, please let me know. ** $345 ** LIGHT & FAST '01/'02 Tua Big Easy, 192cm length. Voile 3-pin Cable bindings w/ G3 15mm riser Used mostly in the backcountry and are in good condition. Great all-around do-anything ski for beginners or the weight-conscious expert. ** $200 ** This is a great deal on two awesome skis that are unfortunately no longer manufactured, due to Tua's collapse! Discounts will be considered if you are interested in both pairs. I'm located in the Porland, OR area. Will ship UPS at your expense.
  11. If you can't ski, fantasize: Unparalleled in PDX

    THIS THURSDAY: 12/16
  12. For anyone looking to dull the pain of rising snow levels in the South Cascades: :: Oregon Mountain Community presents :: Unparalleled Productions': THE LOST SEASON Place: Laurelhurst Theater 2735 E Burnside Portland, OR Time: 7pm. Cost: $8 Come check out the newest cutting-edge freeheel flick of the season! There's no better way to wait out the snow than to swill liquid courage (yes, beer is available & the showing is 21+ only) and gawk at big lines & sick terrain at far-off ski locales with healthy snowpacks! For a preview, check out this link: Unparalleled Productions Spread the word . . . .
  13. For those about to poach

    sounds like any poaching will just require a bit of road-slogging, or hearty bush-wacking. previous poaches (ie: w/out a climber's permit) have worked well for me on the worm flows route, via the june lake trail.
  14. [TR] Bachelor- Bunny Col 11/21/2004

    not enough coverage over in the NW territories yet, eh?
  15. mt. hood ski circumnavigation

    did you need to rap of any of the ridges, or find it all skiable?