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  1. Feathered friends or freaks?

    The other day me and a friend went to check out some crampons at feather friends. I do not know what kind of experience most of you have had at this store, but in case you haven't I have to say that some of the rudest, most arrogant people work at that store. A good friend and climbing buddy of mine was literally stared down by the skinny geeky looking long haired guy behind the counter. Now I realize Seattle has some freaks, but give me a break. This store absolutely has some of the worst customer service in the world. Not to mention the people. Id take REI any day.
  2. need midweek partner

    Hey there Im looking for a mid week climbing parnter, got m-thur off. I have glacier climbing skills, lead sport to 5.9 and follow trad to 5.9. I have a decent rack, and all the gear necessary. I live close to Seattle. I have decent skills, but im no expert. Please drop me an email if ur intrested in getting together to climb. Cephasclimbs@aol.com