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  1. Another Liberty Ridge Accident.

    My take on the whole thing is that we are seeing more and more unexperienced climbers on the mountains. Time is of the essence when on a mountain and it seems most are out on a route well beyond what is considered to be an exceptable time.
  2. Frozen body from 1969 found on McKinley

    Thanks for the post, very interesting story.
  3. Mountaineering boots?

    The trango S is good but in terms of glacier travel, they are not water prof nor water resistant. I know a guy that has cimbed rainier in them but he's a sick man. You may want to consider a pair of Freney pro's or the newer XT's. The freney pro's a little lighter that the Xy's 3 pounds 15 oz, compared to the Xt's that are 4 lbs 1 oz. I've also heard that after several uses the sythetic fibres on the trango s started to frey. One boot that i'm looking at as well is the Cumbre 4 lbs 14 oz, a little more insolated for the colder conditons but not a winter boot per say .
  4. Looking for some additional info on boots.

    thanks, for the info and good call on the james turner. The bunnies shouold keep my feet warm and in a pitch their fur serves well for clean wipes .
  5. Looking for some additional info on boots.

    To help narrow the field I've added some additional demands lol. The boots can be either leather or sythetic fibres, have to be fairly light weight, preferably front bail compatible, 3 season so warm enough for spring and fall,(hopefully not too hot in the summer), the rest you can gather from the demands of the climb itself.
  6. Hi has anyone tried out the Scarpa CUmbre's or Freney pro and XT. Pls love to get your feed back