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  1. Wanted: PRG Partner

    Right on. Will have to check it out. Stoked that my truck smells like climbing gear again
  2. memorize this face!!!

    Well handled gents 1st offense: a stern tongue lashing regarding local ethics 2nd offense: a terrible 'accident'
  3. Wanted: PRG Partner

    Ex-lean ‘n mean weekend warrior/ current full-figured suburbanite seeks PRG climbing partner I’ll gladly provide a solid belay for your 5.13 test piece(s) (beta available upon request) if you’re willing to tether yourself to a sandbag or two and catch my 200+ lbs as I squeal ‘n peel off 5.6-5.9’s Schedule’s currently wide open. Bio: 10+ years experience, have led up to 5.10b trad/5.11d sport, have climbed in NH, TX, UT, NV, AZ, CA, OR, & WA. With that said, I haven’t laid hand to stone nor plastic in well over four years. Best regards, Robert
  4. Ya' know, I do typically offer you the right of first refusal! *laughs* Good thing you already had one ;-) BTW: I'll be posting shoes, cams, tricams, aliens, and ball-nuts here before too long. I'll shoot you an email with the details. Lemme know when you're ready to go punch holes in paper!
  5. SOLD - Pending payment Hey gang, I have a Silent Partner up for grabs. Like new/ never used. Best regards, -Rob Pic 1 Pic 2
  6. Ice climbing stuff

    You know my schedule brutha...wide open! Marking it on ye ol' calendar.
  7. Ice climbing stuff

    PMs checked and replied
  8. Ice climbing stuff

    Updated: Tools are pending/ready to ship Pickets are pending/ready to ship Pack was picked up this morning Ice Screws are still available w/ new price -Rob
  9. Ice climbing stuff

    Digging through emails in search of it as we speak I'll send you a PM shortly -Rob
  10. Ice climbing stuff

    Gracias mi hermano~ Here's a pic; Ok gang, everything’s either sold or pending. Thanks folks – Robert Ice Tools: $250/pr Grivel Light Wing – Hammer Grivel Light Wing – Adze Ice Screws: New Price $50/both Grivel 360 Ultimate Ice Screw – 22cm Grivel 360 Ultimate Ice Screw – 17cm Ice Pickets: $35/both Yates Expedition Picket w/cable Yates Expedition Picket w/o cable Pack: $30 Grivel Manu 13L Pack and Gear Sling** (**The pack and gear sling can be used together or separately)
  11. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    It has been howling up here...rain blowing sideways...power outages...it's ugly
  12. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Keeping up with the posts on the various climbing sites, I know this...that if, God forbid, I ever end up in a similar situation...your words of hope and warmth will play over and over again in my mind. Cheers, Robert
  13. partner needed for portland rock gym

    I'm available 'at will' -Robert
  14. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Our thoughts and prayers are with them
  15. Favorite climbs at Jtree

    way too many to list... Most of the three (or more) star routes (below .10b as I haven't been on anything harder there.) At each grade, I'd say these are my favorites: 5.4 - The Bong 5.5 - Right On 5.6 - Fote Hog, SW Corner 5.7 - So many at this rating it's difficult to choose, but as silly as it is, I still dig Overhang Bypass .7+ - Double Cross w/ WOTWS a very close second 5.8 - Tons of great routes here too! At Your Pleasure...check it out. 5.9 - High Strung is still my fav at this rating w/ Direct South Face a close second 10a - Way too many at this rating...Ball Bearing is a kick, but Dangling Woo Li Master is waaayy fun 10b - Did Illusion Dweller as a night climb (awkward down low), but Caught Inside On a Big Set is tops. Spent close to 8 years climbing there off and on and barely scratched the surface.