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  1. Desparately Seeking New Stove

    If you are looking for a gas canister stove, I can recommend Primus Titanium stove - very light and reliable - I've been abusing it for 3 years with no problems. (forget about piezo-igniter - the only thing that breaks off right away). The other highly recommended stove in Europe this days is Optimus Crux very compact design and good output.
  2. Hilleberg Nallo 2/ Bibler I/ Stephenson 3R- Best?

    I also have Hilleberg Nallo, but not the GT version - just a regular one. Excellent quality tent. Very lightweight. The vestibule is great for cooking and storing gear. Even had 3 people in the tent for 2 days in a stormy weather on mt. Baker. It's been with me to Bolivia, to the Alps, etc.. The only drawbacks - condensation may be an issue if you do not vent accordingly and the setup time is longer than for Bibler or ID. It's a double wall tent but the fly is attached to the tent when you set it up so there is no separate step for the fly setup. Definitely the best weight to space/comfort ratio of the 4-season 2-person tents.