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  1. Motorcycle crashes

    Heh heh-that's what riders say about climbers freezing to death.
  2. Cro Cop gets ROCKED!

    MMA is no different than boxing or any other combat sport, and certainly no less violent than the 5 o'clock news. Kids are injuring themselves more emulating WWE and hitting each other over the head with folding chairs. That shits lame. I thought Cro Cop was gonna kick his ass, too.
  3. 3 man denali tents

    I second the Bibler Bombshelter. Also check out the Hilleberg 3 person tents. You'll appreciate the bigger vestibule.
  4. gas in oregon

  5. What qualifies as a 'summit?'

    Interesting question. FWIW I was talking to a climbing ranger at Muir a couple of years ago, and he told me he ran up to the summit and back to Muir seven times in one day. He technically reached the summit seven times - but I don't think he would ever claim to have climbed the mountain seven times that day.
  6. New Squamish Guide In

    Wow...you must be in with the cool crowd
  7. Mike Gauthier slideshow Wednesday May 18

    How many of them other shows will have a keg though?
  8. What kind of ROPE should I buy?

    If you're looking for a glacier rope, you don't even need a "single" rope. For 3 people, a 50m/60m 8/8.5 works great. If you use a skinny rope you might have to play with your prusiks to make them stick. Your current rope will work also, but a 10.5 will get super heavy when it gets wet. You can say that again
  9. Can you feel it?

    Ahhh...time to start tuning the skis. I love this time of the year
  10. Winter driving to Canmore?

    I agree the best way to Canmore in the winter is up through Sandpoint, Idaho. Roger's Pass the winter can get pretty crazy. Going from Radium to Banff can get pretty exciting too. Along with all the other advice, a full size spare tire would be a good thing as well. And make sure your car is in good working order. I had to wait in Radium for three days while a $70 dollar part had to be shipped there from Calgary!
  11. John Stewart on Crossfire...

    "My lead in is a show about puppets making prank phone calls..." Sweet. John is one of the funniest guys on TV right now
  12. Funny as shit That reminded me of the two pairs of Pitbulls I destroyed.
  13. Selling: '94 850 Turbo Volvo Wagon

    Got any pics? Just askin'...