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  1. I also posted this in the gear critic, received it via email today and wanted to pass it on to anyone who might be using these. -Nate IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE HELIUM KARABINER RECALL In house testing has revealed a potentially serious problem with some HELIUM KARABINERS. Wild Country are requesting the immediate return of all HELIUM KARABINERS AND QUICKDRAWS marked with the following batch codes: AAA, AAB, AAC, AAD, AAE, AAF PLEASE RETURN ANY HELIUM KARABINERS IMMEDIATELY TO WILD COUNTRY FOR INSPECTION. Alternatively return to us via the shop from which they were purchased. For help with identifying this product or further information concerning this recall please contact: Wild Country, Meverill Road, Tideswell, Nr Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 8PY Phone: 01298 871010 Fax: 01298 872077 Email: info@wildcountry.co.uk
  2. Great job in keeping it together under some heinous conditions. Thanks for a great post!
  3. What can I do to avoid/minimize accidents?

    Or maybe a new friend that they can learn from. Its interesting how many accidents we have been discussing and lamenting and at the same time some people just seem to be against learning from each other. WTF?
  4. Liberty Ridge Deaths

    Good question Breezy. I think there are many of us asking similar questions. I often read reports about accidents to learn about what happened, what to watch for, and what may keep me and my partners alive in the future. It will probably take a while to determine what happened on these but some of the past reports from Rainier are available here: http://www.nps.gov/mora/climb/cl_rpt.htm Best of luck! -Nate
  5. Yet another Lib Ridge accident

    My thoughts are definitely with the families and the rescuers. What is up with this though? I don't understand why they still went with conditions like that. The mountain will still be there. If conditions are bad, why not write it off and go next time? Have they ever just closed a route? This many accidents in so little time is going to draw lots of negative attention.
  6. Pipe Bombs on Forest Service Road Gates

    I'd rather see the money that is spent repairing the damage these folks do spent in more positive ways. Just my opinion of course. Extremists on both ends of the spectrum just alienate people and make it hard to get much positive work done. Drawing negative attention to your cause doesn't make friends. Thanks for posting the release though, may save someones life.
  7. Blood etiquette

    Are they all AMGA approved?
  8. Another Liberty Ridge Accident.

    Thanks for posting. I can only second the feelings expressed by the previous two posts.
  9. The white gas cans should be recyclable after they are aired out, which doesn't take long. Probably the same with the canisters but I'd give the local office (whoever handles recycling) a call and check with them. You might have to talk to a couple of people before they understand your situation but its worth a shot. -Nate
  10. Rap'ing off a sling?

    I always carry a little extra webbing and a few rings. They are cheap (cheaper than biners too), light, and I like climbing. If I die because I was too cheap to use a ring or replace some old webbing its pretty lame, and I can't climb anymore! Hadn't seen it mentioned, but don't forget to throw a knot in the end of your rope, pretty sad to die by rapping off the end of your rope! Just my two cents worth! -Nate
  11. Stolen outdoor and climbing gear - a list

    That sucks! Sorry to hear that. Good question griz, think someone might have been scopin' ya out?
  12. Carbon River Road conditions

    Thanks Fear, one of my buds is meeting me there and was asking about it. Hopefully it will stay that way! -Nate
  13. Was looking for some info on the carbon river road. I know its gravel, but is it as bad as the park service says or could someone get down it in your typical rental car? Thanks!
  14. annual permit never mailed out?

    I'm suprised they don't issue them when you pay, would save them money.
  15. [TR] Mount Rainier- Liberty Ridge 5/30/2004

    Excellent TR with great pics! Thanks for posting it.