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  1. rainier on 4 july weekend!

    here you can see some of the pictures i've got from that weekend at rainier!!!
  2. 4th of july on Rainier

    hi... if it's for me ..no problem .....you can email me at acgua2001@hotmail.com so we can talk.. talk to you later fab
  3. 4th of july on Rainier

    hi tim i'm also. planing to climb rainier on the 4th july weekend if it's possible, i'm going to be at the parking lot at paradise friday morning,( im flying from phoenix) and i have time to do the summit until wednesday, i don't have a team o somebody to climb with, i was planing to climb with somebody else that i colud possible met there but i'm trying better to find people in the same situation to start planing together. i have all the gear and i've been climbing for several years (aconcagua, few smaller peaks in south america, originally i'm form argentina) so if this sounds good to you and want to put a team together ...just let me know fabricio
  4. hi there...i'm planing to climb rainier the weekend of the 4th july , i'll be there on 7/2 to start climbing, if there's anybody interested just email me and we can talk,this is my first time at rainier but i have experience in mountaing climbing( few times aconcagua and minors peaks in south america) thanks fabricio. acgua2001@hotmail.com