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  1. Potential Goldmine?

    Edgeworks...$70/month!? What are you talking about? I pay $40/month for an annual membership and it includes free yoga and weights - it's less than $30/month if you're a student. Plus the holds are already included at that price.
  2. New UW Indoor Climbing Center

    I noticed the bird on the 3rd-rung, 2nd from the right, is spotless. Does that mean he/she is shacking up with the big bird, and thereby receives preferential treatment? Theories?
  3. New UW Indoor Climbing Center

    What if I "borrowed" a friend's UW ID, which looks much like my brother?
  4. New UW Indoor Climbing Center

    So, as a non-student/faculty/alum, how the hell can I get in and climb this bad-boy? And I don't mind paying.
  5. Best Gym for Kids?

    I'd give Edgeworks (Tacoma) a try. It's an incredible facility & great staff, and a number of programs for kids/juniors. I saw quite a few kids with big smiles there last Saturday...
  6. Paul Hamm

    I love how NBC mercifully switches coverage from the Paul Hamm controversy, over to the track & field where we can watch the nauseating arrogance of the American sprinters. Were they celebrating or making a rap video? And since when does winning the gold entitle you to 20 minutes of self-promotion in front of the world?
  7. Potential Goldmine?

    Climbing gym in the South Sound? www.edgeworks-climbing.com Due to open in Sept.!
  8. why do fat woman where lycra?

    Along those lines, why does anyone who owns a bicycle think they have a license to wear lycra? Fat, old, skinny, young - can anyone ride a bike in just plain shorts and a t-shirt?? Does it really make a huge difference in wind resistance to justify greasing yourself into body skin covered with Italian logos. And by the way, bicyclists are the worst hypocrites when it comes to the "rules of the road". Don't criticize someone behind the wheel of a car until we are allowed to ride the sidewalks AND the road, depending on what allows us to avoid braking.
  9. Zipper repair

    Have them install Velcro.
  10. Feathered friends or freaks?

  11. Good training workouts (was Finger board routines)

    Your best bet is to just start climbing... www.edgeworks-climbing.com Opening in Sept. so you'll have all fall, winter and spring to get strong and work on your technique for that mass of granite behind the school in Renton.
  12. Climbing stores in Spokane other than MGear

    http://www.sportiva.com/products/climbing/index.html Then check the dealers page.
  13. Has anyone gone rafting? Need some advice

    The best water you will find is in Idaho (Selway, Lochsa, Snake and Salmon Rivers). (Un)fortunately, to float self-guided, you need to submit an application (by Jan. 31) and hit their lottery. We finally got a Salmon permit this year after 5 yrs. of trying and it was well worth the wait. We've done the Snake a couple of times and it's wild at high water (15k cfs+), especially when your heavy with gear for a 4 day trip, and you negotiate 2 class IV-V's in the first 3 hrs. If this is more of a 1st-time, "shake-down" float with your girlie, I'd recommend the Deschutes (class II-III), which has good flows year-round, or wait until next spring and float the Grande Ronde. Or pay the $$$ for a guide who knows what they're doing. Even a seemingly tame river can surprise you in a big hurry, novice or experienced alike. Enjoy! Check H2O flows on most any river at the USGS site.