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  1. Lib Ridge Accident Statistics

    Uhm...You ever been on that thing? Do you what kinda winds they get on that thing? Usually has stronger winds than on Everest. You bet taht will complicate matters.
  2. Polls

    Ths will probably be the worst debate in history. One is a complete ass and the other has flipped flopped on so many issues that it makes your head spin. I ownder what kind of Bushisms were are gonna hear in that one... "Kerry is a chronical flipper flopperer...er... uh er." Too bad Dean won't make it because that would have been the first time a candidate has attacked another candidate. Either way, I am getting a rack of beer and watching the proceedings.
  3. Polls

    Bush 45 Kerry 44... its gonna be a close one! Both of them are douchebags, but it'll be fun to watch y'all yammering about how florida counted wrong and new york counted wrong ad nauseum.
  4. Whiskey in the Jar

    A co-worker at the auto shop always theorized that would be tyhe way to go... trying to keep up with the song.
  5. Whiskey in the Jar

    Sorry it was J.G. I was fuzzy this morning.
  6. Pedal the Pinchot

    Can I play!?!
  7. To all the whiney bitches (almost everybody)

    I didn't say you did now did I? Take your meds juvenile.
  8. To all the whiney bitches (almost everybody)

    It's Exit 38. Does that answer your question? Oh and clipping lots of bolts is fun. No... It doesn't. That bolt won't protect you from shit.
  9. Bike Commuting: tricks to eliminating the hassle?

    fixed singlespeed. no brakes. all legs. either you got the power or you dont. I DON'T!
  10. Bike Commuting: tricks to eliminating the hassle?

    Not where I live. I have numerous straightaways that are 5 miles long easy.
  11. Bike Commuting: tricks to eliminating the hassle?

    Are you talking about riding a fixed single speed? I was thinking about it.... just to get me stronger, but I thought better of it when I look at all the hills I hit up commuting.
  12. what you listen to today?

    David Grisman.
  13. Great recovery drink

    Pickle juice... Nothing better... Nothing cheaper.
  14. Bike Commuting: tricks to eliminating the hassle?

    crossbike tires will help. a lot. You can just buy a set and leave the cyclocross tires on them and leave your rolff vector pro $4,000,000 rims with your regualr road tires on them. That is what I have been doing... not the cheapest way to go, but neither is replacing them.
  15. Conservatives and Banning

    ...trolled yer ass didn't it?