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  1. Flaming SUVs

    Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. You again?
  2. Flaming SUVs

    Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.
  3. Effect of Reagan's Death on the Presidential Race

    Do all you guys steal bandwidth?
  4. Flaming SUVs

    I'm glad you disagree. But there is no proof associating him - no evidence! Other than accepting responsibility, you mean?
  5. The Libertarian party...

    I said nothing regarding the north korean populace, martlet. I'm sure they have a ton of really smart people in that country and their talent goes largely unexploited due to the country they live in. So what you're saying then, sphincter boy, is only dumb North Koreans can get work?
  6. The Libertarian party...

    Yeah, sphincter boy, all North Koreans are stupid.
  7. "minor correction"

    Then you lied. It was JoshK's.
  8. "minor correction"

    What, you've already seen pictures of JoshK bending over spreading his sphincter?
  9. "minor correction"

    It was in the same comment where you say you are Martlet. You posted that picture of yourself bending over to accept Dru.
  10. "minor correction"

    You took it down, just like Martlet did. He still got banned. See, you ARE Martlet.
  11. "minor correction"

    Didn't Martlet get banned for that? Is JoshK the mod pet?
  12. "minor correction"

    Looks like you read Martlet's site too. JOSH IS MARTLET! He even posts pictures from Martlet's site! JOSHK IS MARLET! BAN HIM AGAIN! HE POSTED PORN!
  13. "minor correction"

    Boy, looks like you posted porn. Isn't that what martlet got banned for? Looks like you're going to band camp.
  14. "minor correction"

    I don't. I just thought hotlinking wasn't allowed on this board. Trying to help you out.
  15. "minor correction"

    No hotlinking