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  1. Denali 2022

    Also looking to go. My partner hurt his knee day one last year so looking to head back. Hit me up.
  2. Yikes - major avalanche near Steven's Pass 3 gone

    http://espn.go.com/action/freeskiing/story/_/id/7593035/avalanche-washington-stevens-pass-kills-three These guys were very experienced in the backcountry.
  3. Seattle Bouldering Project--Memberships

    I belong to another climbing gym and pay for yoga at another place. Do you guys have yoga or anything and how much is it in addition to the gym membership?
  4. New Products Patagonia and Wild Things Gear

    h2no is it like paclite or more like precip? laminate w/ coating or a traditional 2.5 layer?
  5. Yosemite Free camping

    It is easy, just be descreet. Think bivouac. Also rangers dont ford streams in the dark. Drink till midnight, get up at dawn, repeat.
  6. backcountry AT skis

    I rock bd crossbows 187. I am 155. They are a little big for cutting hard but great for cruising and steeps. And of course the k2 shuksan are always a crowd pleaser if you can get a hold of a pair
  7. Lightweight summer bag recommendations

    even a marmot rep said the bag wasn't 40deg. I say more like 50deg. Its a great bag, or a good way to warm up another bag but @ 16oz there just isnt much down in there.
  8. REI tents

    REI Tents are good quality, but may be a bit heavy, and do not use most up to date materials. I just upgraded from an REI 2+ person dome (8 years use) to a Sierra Designs Hyperlight AST (MSRP $265, new on Ebay $165). Note that I originally paid $150 for my REI dome, which is at least two pounds heavier. I would'nt worry about the quality of REI tents, but do compare features and weight, and then shop for name brand tents with better features or weight on Ebay. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Up to date materials? You know the ast is like 2 years old right? Check out the quarter dome. sil-nylon etc. i've used the mountain 2 tent and I think it is the best two wall 2 person mountaineering tent on the market when you consider space, value and durability.
  9. Rave for Walrus tents

    I have the rapeede and loved it for a midweight 4 season. It was however notorious for the hubs snapping from misuse. It had a very high return rate. The only walrus designs in the msr line are fusion and the fury.
  10. La Sportiva Superfly vs Exum Ridge

    I have the superflys. They are sticky and nible but offer no support. I think of them as great descent shoes. Clip em to your harness and style down the class 4-5 gully w/o too much weight.
  11. PacLite vs eVent... let the games begin

    Actually I think epic makes the most sense. It breathes and sheds light rain and snow. Bibler used to make a winter bivy. Its 9oz. my 2 cents
  12. I was thinking of success cleaver and then sking down ingram thoughts?
  13. hey fear, did you descend the cleaver? Would I need to repel any of the sections?
  14. Yeah success looks gorgeous. So would you go back down the dc alone? I was thinking of carrying my my glacier line (30m) and then hitchhiking down from the top. But would love to run down the thing un ropedand do the whole climb in 24hrs
  15. Hello I am looking to solo the success cleaver in early June, what is the safest descent route?