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  1. Dosewallips state park Snowshoe/Hiking Options

    Thanks for the info, I was referring to the State Park. However was planning on using the park as a base camp and willing to drive a bit for some snow.
  2. Headed over there this weekend with wife and 11 month old, anyone have any suggestions.
  3. baby front carrier

    +1 for the ergo, however I did not like the ergo when my son was really little we used a bjorn until about 6 months the infant insert for the ergo did not work very well for me. Did not like the wraps although wife does,
  4. homemade rocketbox - car top carrier

    Made this box in 2004 in northern Minnesota Drove it west to Seattle with a side trip south to jtree in January/February as a moving road trip. It was packed to the max although I do not know the exact weight. I still use it as a storage box. I just went to the hardware store bought some 2x2's for the frame, a sheet of marine grade plywood, a can of primer, and some caulk to fill gaps. Just went to work after some simple drawings and a little thought. You should give it a go and see what you get.
  5. This Sucks :(

    You win that does suck
  6. Liberty Bell

    The class 4 section is not long maybe 40 feet or so, however I just climbed the route and my partner is not comfortable on really any terrain not roped up so we just were roped up the whole time. The only downside is that it takes a bit longer and some people may look at you funny but who cares unless you are climbing to impress people.
  7. This Sucks :(

    Agreed, although sometimes it is nice to be able to get out on Mondays less people out there as long as you can find a partner.
  8. North cascades and Alaska photos

    Thanks for sharing and nice photographs. Just an FYI some of the links seemed a bit screwy you may want to check them.
  9. Cascade River Rd closes 9/15/08 at MP 20

    Are the last three miles an easy bike ride(human power)? I am assuming that it is.
  10. [TR] Mt Olympus - Blue Glacier 6/28/2008

    Thx, Last question is there a walkoff from the top or is a rappel a necessity? Nice pictures and thanks for the TR.
  11. [TR] Mt Olympus - Blue Glacier 6/28/2008

    How long is the rappel?
  12. Let me know what you lost.
  13. Wild Sky Wilderness Area

    This is awesome, and worth the wait although you would hope that it would not take so long.
  14. [TR] Little Tahoma - 5/6/2008

    Nice, way to catch the weather window! How long did it take to get to camp on the 5th and how long was your day on the 6th?