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  1. i'm planning on climbing on 8/7-8/8 this weekend and am seeking route advice / wondering how long the slog around the crevasses is...
  2. Rainier/RMI Article from WSJ

    re: Whittaker's claims to lead first successful ascent of everest's north col: This is from the RMI web site: "In 1984, he led the first successful American summit of the North Col of Mount Everest." RMI confirmed this over the phone.
  3. need disappointment cleaver photos...

    you guys rock. thanks. and keep 'em comin.
  4. need disappointment cleaver photos...

    we're tryin to use more photos these days, but they mostly suck.
  5. need disappointment cleaver photos...

    novel idea - i'll ck it out. thx.
  6. hey, i'm writing a story for the wall st. journal about RMI & the mt. rainier commercial services plan. i need a photo of climbers on the DC route, and i thought i'd give you guys first crack. in a perfect world, photo would be panoramic shot featuring an RMI team, although a group of indy climbers could work. decent camp muir photos (is there such a thing?) are a distant 2nd option. not sure if the paper would pay for these, but it still would be a good place to pub a photo. thanks.