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  1. Of course. Too easy! The ridge in the foreground is hiding about half of the relief. Here's another, in the same region. Like Tiara, lots of potential. Unlike Tiara, I actually climbed it.
  2. "Women settle down when they find the man they're looking for. Men settle down with whomever happens to be around when they feel like finally settling down." - Ex-girlfriend's Dad.
  3. OK, here's an easy one. Jordop already has this picture, so he can't answer!
  4. Good choice! I use them and think that they're the best AT binding out there. But mine aren't for sale!
  5. I vote for somewhere up Downton Creek
  6. So was "her mom" using some sort of deer strap-on?!? Mabye that explains the dog's expression!
  7. When I grow up, I'm going to be a DILF.
  8. Agreed! All of the heel-sliding, snow-scraping, no-talent snowboarders should be banished to a planet comprised of only the icy crust that they leave behind. Long live the carvers!
  9. I, who grew up skiing narrow, stiff 207's, enjoy the chance to lay down a backcountry jib session, or a "huck high 'til you're hospitalized" contest in the backcountry, even though I'm pretty close to the "backcountry only" skiier. New equipment makes it fun to use old skills to throw down new tricks. Wicked picture, Lowell! All you need to complete the old-time skiier outfit is a tie and a pipe!
  10. There's a few spots just off the highway on the road to Cheakamus Lake. Turn right at the first light (just after the welcome to Whistler sign at Function Junction). Should be pretty quiet.......
  11. I'm a do-it-yourself kind or guy, and stretched out my own shells on both my downhill, AT, and plastic climbing boots. Step 1: Get a large bucket of water handy. Step 2: Get a torch or at the least a very hot hair dryer. Step 3: Put on a leather work glove. Step 4: Heat the shell to the point of softness, but not gooey-ness. Work the plastic back and forth from within the boot, and then quickly dunk in the water to perserve the shape. Some trial and error will be needed to get the best fit. Happy feet!
  12. Oh, THAT Castle Peak! Yeah, I climbed it a few years ago by walking over Frosty (long but scenic). But all I did was climb a snow gully in the fog and scrambled to the top via the E Ridge. The gully was pretty easy, it's the large shaded snow slope on the left. Sorry that I'm not much help (except for the descent route!)
  13. Go climb with Dru at the Abbotsford gym with the hottie milkmaids!
  14. I've always gone there in March/April and it's been sunny and warm. Looked at the current weather forecast, which indicates temps in the 50s with 30s at night, no precip forecasted.......Any tales of late December weather in J-Tree would be appreciated!
  15. Additional Apex trivia: I believe that Trevor Peterson and Eric Pehota first met at Apex in the mid 80s when they were both working as lifties......so it must be good!
  16. Weakest mountain for terrain in the Okanagan - pretty dull if you're an expert, mostly a family cruising hill. Apex is the best in the Okanagan for challange, but also gets the least snow (which only adds to the challange!) Not sure how Apex is doing on snow this year...you need at least 120cm for Apex to be good.
  17. It's true, when viewed from above, the lower cirque looks like a toilet bowl of doom. However, when you're at the bottom looking up, some interesting lines start to appear........although I lack the skills to climb most of them!!
  18. I tried the North Ridge of Needle Peak (across from Yak) two weeks ago. We were stopped by darkness and some tricky slabs (dry slabs, no ice or pro). We approached by walking up the creek valley directly from the sand shed, bush is light to non-existant, don't hike up the standard trail or you'll have to rap/harsh bush bash your way to the base of the face. Approach time to the base of the face from the road is < 1.5 hours. There were some sick mixed lines on the North Face slabs. Mainly moderate angled ice, but pretty thin - stubbys only! May have fattened up with the recent rains, though. There were also some fatter ice lines at the edge of the cirque but we didn't bring any screws. There's something for every ability level up there, I'm surprised that it hasn't seen more winter action (mabye it has?). Watch out for slides, the lower cirque area would be dangerous after a big dump.
  19. Wicked dry-clawing - no need for tools!
  20. How do you get 99 old ladies to yell "Fuck!" Get the 100th to yell "Bingo!"
  21. Rain up high and then cold? Ditch the skis, time to climb! Armenian Express? If only I didn't have to work!
  22. I have a pair of Cumbres, and although different boots, they fit my wide feet - mabye Scarpas = wide? I find the Cumbres light and nimble but nice & stiff too. Perfect waterproofness (with some treatment) and no lost rubber chunks. A great boot that would be ample for climbers with way more ability than myself!!
  23. Did he tell you why "fuck" was included? A new route name? Although I think they'd delete it, I think it should be included as profanity is a great way to convey the emotions encountered when climbing. The Squamish guides have had profanity for years.
  24. Damn! My shitty spelling has exposed my TR as a fraud once again! Curses!
  25. Yeah, the video is of me launching the north face when jordop and I carried skies up and had a "huck high 'til you're hospitalized" contest. But then he tucked Gambit Grooves, which was pretty impressive too.
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