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  1. Hi Don, you certainly took the long way out! Your description makes sense for a climb of the western peak, since from the base of our ridge an ascending traverse across some snowslopes would lead right to the S side of the main peak. That was our plan to begin with, but our ridge looked so nice we couldn't resist. The ridge between the peaks is quite serrated, might be a fun traverse but could be a bit loose.
  2. ruth mountain ski conditions?

    I saw Ruth from a distence on Sunday, it looked very snowy, from being there in summer I wouldn't anticipate any crevasse problems on skis. You may have to walk the trail for a ways as it faces south and could be melted out...
  3. We looked down from the top, it looked clean and firm. Would be a nice 2 day trip if one camped at upper Pierce Lake....
  4. Straight up from the road looks real bushy for at least the first 1000 feet, and further than that after the snow leaves, and there looks to be some greasy slabs to boot. There's still lots of snow from 4000 ft upwards but only minor patches on the ridge, the east face is still fairly snowy. The other climber was Mr. Derrick Johnstone. I'll bet that that the companion NE ridge is waiting for a first ascent, one could reach it from the road (bushy), Pierce Lake (long) or by rapping from the col between the two Crossover peaks to the small glacier to the N and hiking down to the ridge toe, which looked fairly easy.
  5. Is that the crag that you can see straight ahead as you cross the Nicolum bridge at the start of the Coq heading north? I've always wondered if there were any routes up there....
  6. sushi / car breakins?

    There's a Japanese restaurant in Squamish called, fittingly, Sunrise Japanese Restaurant. It's on government road near mamquam road and is reportedly pretty good. I assume they have sushi, you can always call ahead....
  7. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    I can't believe I forgot my pack cover!!
  8. Cool! When you're gettin' hit with shitballs, you gotta get a shitbat...
  9. Garibaldi Neve

    Must one go all the way to the parking lot on the far side and come all the way back to their starting point to say they did the neve twice in a day? Or if I skied from elfin to glacier pikes, back to Opal cone, back to the pikes and then home via elfin can I say I did the neve four times in a day?
  10. Garibaldi Neve

    What's the two-pack? Garibaldi & Mamquam? The Chieften & Garf's?
  11. Garibaldi Neve

    People usually ski to the schrund on the NE face and boot it from there, but if the snow's good and you like the steeps, then take your skis up and give 'er! It's too steep to skin up, though. NE face is the best descent in my mind, it's a more continuous run than the E face. Plus more direct to the top.
  12. AT Boots as plastic climbing boots?

    Hiking will be OK if you keep them loose or in walk mode. They are good for climbing steep snow, pretty good on ice, and suck big ass on rock. If there isn't much rock (never been to Chair Peak), they'll be fine.
  13. Garibaldi Neve

    Usually. You might want an ice axe in addition to crampons given the hard snow conditions. It's best to camp on the neve below the NE face, climb it first thing in the am, come back and pack up camp, and head out the rubble creek trail.
  14. Spearhead Traverse

    The north face of Tremor is an excellent ski, not to be missed... Traversing to NW couloir or NW face of Fissle from Whirlwind/Fissle col is fairly easy, and gives a nice spicy finish to the trip, the snow should be real solid. You gotta like steeps, though.
  15. Arrrrrggghhhhhhhh!

    C'mon Jordan, there's plenty of excitement out there:
  16. "I have a family emergency/situation that I need to take care of today" Just act depressed and chances are that nobody will question you.
  17. TR: Epic Rediculasness

    Downhill skiing with XC skis is way-rad, it makes you a much better alpine skier and takes a lot of skill, as opposed to, for example, snowboarding.
  18. Snow at SFU on Burnaby Mountain

    Serl's guide notes some ice down on the north side of the Mountain, me and some other SFU outdoor club dorks found it, but it never really formed in the 4 years I had class there....
  19. Slesse and Rexford

    The postholing won't be bad neither. Expect a lot of unconsolidated snow that has just been ranied on (ie dangerous). If it froze hard it would be great, but that doesn't look likely.....
  20. [TR] Mt. Sefrit-Attempt- Northeast Face 10/29/2005

    Cool photo of a small avalanche on Sefrit
  21. Snow Insanity at Baker

    There are some nice lower angled areas in the trees near the artist point parking area....but the problem is that with this much snow, you need steep terrain or you'll likely just bog down. I'm going out for some trailbreaking exercise around Seymour this weekend - save the steeps for next weekend
  22. 5.15 am (Mark Knopfler request)

    Someone from Cache Creek owns a computer?!?
  23. i've got a hard-on

    Blackcomb opens Saturday the 5th! Stoke!
  24. Predictions for this winter

    I predict that monoboarding will make a comeback, but that the new monoboards will be shaped, so even gapers can monoboard with style