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  1. Paradise Web Cam

    You know its funny. I dont really even need to look at that cam to see what the weather is like i can just look out the window and see rainer from my house and know what the weather is like
  2. Hood Avalanche

    nope havent heard about this one got a link to an article?
  3. Paradise Web Cam

    i hate it when it rains or is cloudy
  4. Which website rulez number 1 for you?

    HEY! wheres www.newschoolers.com or www.climbersguide.com ?
  5. Where do I start?

    cool thanks guys
  6. Where do I start?

    lol sorry about the grammer in the first sentence
  7. Where do I start?

    Okay, so I wanting to get into climbing. I really want to climb mt rainer. Im in good shape so I guess endurance wise I could make it, but I have no experience in climbing any mountains at all. Where do I start? Where and how did you guys get started? I was looking at programs at http://www.rmiguides.com and came across the expedition seminar and was wondering if that was right for me. can biginners like me do that? anyone know about this expedition seminar?