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  1. Current DC Route Conditions?

    the three of us will be going on exactly the same date (leave paradise friday 2PM and to summit friday midnight). i guess well meet at muir. the weather forecast looks somewhat discouraging though (thunderstorms are expected in most of the days starting today). Mike, thanks for all the info. it's extremely informative!! avner
  2. The two of us will be attempting Rainier 19-20/5, probably taking one of the standard routes. We (I am reasonably experienced mountainerr, my partner is a beginner) prefer a rope team of at least 3. We are not local and are visiting the area for a short period, hence the following tight schedule: leave seattle friday 19/5 at noon. Hike to camp muir. sleep until 1-2AM, then tackle summit. Looking for one or two people with reasonable glacier experience.
  3. when are you leaving? I am going with a friend to climb Rainier 19-20/5. we are also not locals hence this exact date. you can email me avner@cs.toronto.edu
  4. Climbing 4/13-15

    am interested to climb on Wednesday. Plan to leave Vancouver Tuesday night. avner@cs.toronto.edu
  5. Partner Mon, Tues, Weds?? Alpine, trad, aid??

    I am going to be available for a one-day outing on Wednesday (planning to leave late on Tuesday from Vancouver). Was thinking of going to Wedge mountain near Whistler but am flexible. Got a flight late at night Wednesday from Vancouver. Can email me avner@cs.toronto.edu