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  1. Looking for road beta into Shuksan

    This isn't really a current update, just trying to help BUT we skied the glacier a couple months ago and the road was barely snowed in to the trailhead, so I would have to ASSUME that it has been snow free for some time by now. You'll have to walk some ways, probably to the final old growth hill that gains the ridge. Please post if you check it out, I'm anxious to get back myself. Good luck!
  2. Mountie Alert: Royal Columns

  3. alpental sno level?

    I was at Annette the other rainy day, by the looks of Granite Mountain, there isn't too much snow left. (It WAS snowing a bit at the lake)
  4. Climb: Mt Persis-West Ridge Date of Climb: 4/22/2004 Trip Report: I got out of class mid afternoon and got in the car with no destination in mind and the Smoot book. I hadn't been to Persis yet, so Persis it was. Got to the trailstart at 4, feeling a little pressed for time. Maybe it was the lateafternoon light, the perfect spring snow from high ridge on, the solitude, the views, but I really had an enjoyable stomp up the ridge. The views, for a mountain so close, are amazing. Summited at 5:30, knowing I'd be back for Index soon... I would reason this climb will be at its best during the next couple of weeks, then the snow will be gone. I've heard it's a bore, but I HAVE to see the summit of Baring next week... Gear Notes: shoulda brought another cervesa.... Approach Notes: ....exactly like the book says. The trail takes a squint to find

    Bush affirmed the policy of no casket pictures for this or that reasons. Do we need to see these kind of pictures to hammer in the reality of warfare, or is it too much disrespect to bear on the families??
  6. Mountie Alert: Royal Columns

    sorry, that was a tirade on the mounties - to each thier own in the mountains....
  7. Mountie Alert: Royal Columns

    Yes, but does the beer flow freely? Last fall was pretty fun. I can't remember who gave the slide shows, but I realized my nuts may never descend. Whichever one of y'all did the McMillan traverse.... After working in "the industry" for way too long...here's to 99.9% of the mounties... I would press for credentials before I roped up to any of the leaders. (and there ARE some kick ass leader btw)

    Libs/Conservatives blah blah If you can, with sincere honesty, objectivley research the GB politics and feel confident that Cheney/Bush are the clear choice for America, please enlighten
  9. burning stuff

    Do you HAVE to BURN everything? Value Village is preferable to the beach. sorry you have to that
  10. Little T

    I'm headed to Tahoma in the next couple of weeks via the East Shoulder. Am I correct that a traverse from Paradise is the only approach this time of year? Any good TR's? thanks
  11. Does this make you feel safer?

  12. Condorphamine: OMFG!

    Great film MVS - I admit as I've gained experience in the mountains, your site has been invaluable. Keep up the awesome work!
  13. Wild Sky Wilderness

    So I'm in the dark about the major gripes against designating Wild Sky Wilderness. How is designating another slice of land in a world of clearcutting a decietful, left wing ploy?
  14. Mountie Alert - Icicle Canyon April 17-18

    I am trying to be accomodating to you by avoiding the areas you have scheduled. I know other people use this too to avoid you the Mountie groups. Mounties
  15. Wild Sky Wilderness

    This proves nada, BUT, I too have a friend in the know about bears who swears on his mothers grave that he's seen a griz in that area too, albeit years ago....