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  1. Were people roping up for that part? I am looking to head back there in may. Last time I went it wasn't necessary, but I heard it mentioned on another thread that you needed to rope up there now.
  2. That is a truly cool story. Looking forward to heading up to the selkirks again, but I think I am in for a wait now.
  3. I wish mine weren't. I was there this last weekend for the first time. It was great to be on the rock and yet I felt shitty weak at the same time. We had an easy day and I hit someone with a carabiner. Sorry to whoever that was, I could've sworn it was on the sling when I let go. I see what they are talking about with saber being sandbagged. I also headed to exit 38, only to be pee'd on the pass gods. I am going to get them I swear. Every friggen time.
  4. I had a similar experience on what I thought was a 5.9 and turned out to be 10c, which at the time I had never even tried. We pulled it off, but we had similar thoughts and came away with the feeling that we needed more training.
  5. I heard the Labelle's from spokane were going to Oval this last weekend. Did you see anyone else up there?
  6. hmm. I don't climb that hard yet. (except in certain dreams) Maybe next year. I hear you about the 2 pitch thing. Maybe its for rapping.
  7. any suggestions for moderate routes?
  8. where can I get info for climbing routes and suchlike?
  9. what peak is this. Route(s) info? Awesome picture.
  10. I'd love to hear some info on the new routes if anybody has any. I saw a couple of guys do the long one on the west face and then RK and I did it like the following week over a year ago, I am not sure if that is one of the new routes. I heard it was 10c, but again am not sure. (we hit a couple of rough spots near the top, but made it nonetheless) Thanks.
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