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  1. constance 5/5 and 5/11 [2005]

    Im planning on doing constance this next wednesday. How long does it take to get to the lake? and Is four pickets enough to safely cross the TT? Any more recent info on conditions is much appreciated.
  2. [TR]Mount Washington

    Harry you are such a dumb shit. Nobody wants to hear your pretend fucked up english comments anymore. How about you post something of good quality so we can all oh and ah at how cool you really are. Thank you allow me post to a dumb ass
  3. [TR]Mount Washington

    What the F%$@. Why...I placed it there only 8 months ago. Why do people keep removing the registers off Washington? Why would anybody have a problem with a summit log. Anyway nice shots. I flew over the Oly Mnts today the north section of the park is extreemly bare. Only Olympus and Anderson looked healthy with snow. Saw some ski tracks on ellinor, looked rather icy. Ill post pics later.
  4. [TR]Mount Washington

    Please say the register is still there......?
  5. My friend Kevin and I are looking at spending 3 Days in the Olympics the wednesday before christmas. Any suggestions of fun, high places to set up camp, and do day climbs are greatly appricieated!!
  6. Winter camping in OLY MNTS

    Hey, Thanks for the suggestions. I will definetly look in to thoes areas. Hurricane ridge sounds like alot of fun. Has any body climbed Angeles this time of year?
  7. Klenke, if you head up washington, see if my log box is still there. Just curious if it survived the wave of summer climbers. Should be a fun climb this time of year. Todd
  8. Sweet TR! I really wanna get up there now!!!
  9. the brothers

    Nice shots!Are these aerial photos?
  10. Climb: Olympic Peninsula-8,500 Airway Date of Climb: 11/5/2004 Trip Report: Some Olympic Porn! Hope you enjoy!!! Gear Notes: Cessna 152 Approach Notes: Sweet
  11. olympics

  12. i suppose some captions would help. From the top Brothers Southe Brother and the Constances Sawtooth ridge Washtington massif and Pershing blended in Stone East face Constance/Inner Constance North Face Stone Anderson Massif West Face stone Constance East peak Wesk Peak anderson
  13. pershings conditions?

    I doubt this will help but, I saw Pershing from the air about 20 miles East. The snow level seemed to begin about 3,000ft. The ridge looked pretty well covered as did the summit. Watch out for bees.
  14. Mt. Pershing

    Made it to the top in 3.5hrs. flags were everywhere. Its as if 4 different people flagged their own rout up.There would be a flag every 10ft and then they just stop all together. Confusing as hell on the way down. On the way down we went too far andended up following a flagged routenear the creek but there was no trail at all. Pure bush wacking. Other than that and the 2 bee nests we walked over a great climb. Awesome ridge!!!!!!Plus we saw some kind of cat in a cave near the bottom in the open woods. Didnt get a good look at him but he had BIG green eyes. Thanks for the help John and i agree the majority of the flags should be ripped out! And thankyou joel for taking all the bee stings. Stay in the open woods as long as possible. We hit a few sections of class 4 but i think we were off route. The ridge isnt higer than a 3 but it is very thin and exposed. I would say at least 500 ft vert drop either way. I though Pershing was definetly more challenging than stone.There were some awesome rapel spots as well. Good luck!
  15. Mt. Pershing

    thanks alot for all of your help. Im really looking ford to this one. todd
  16. Mt. Pershing

    How obvious is the trail head from the raod? Im planning on tagging this on on saturday or sunday.How exactly did you acend the summit block? Any info on how to find please share. Thanks Todd
  17. They are both super easy. Especially Lena, just a class 2 walk up. Bretherton involves a little hand work but an easy class 3. Beautiful area. If your looking for something a little more challenging, Mt stone is one of my favorites and its close by.

    Roy you lost your tent and gators! We would try to contact you but we dont know your last name. Anybody know a man,fisrt name Roy, in his 80's former Seattle Mountaineer still baggin peaks please tell him his tent was found in the huge slide area below Cub lake. Call ask for mike 253 884-1594. The man is amazing!

    No im sure hes alive his car was gone from the trail head and two gators were found about 2 miles apart from one another 3 miles from the tent.

    Lost a pair of Native sunglasses below Mt. Johanasburgh between cascade pass and Koolaid lake. Clear and red.
  21. Climbers Guide Assistance

    I think the new book could use some more aerial photos. Kinda like the Beckey books. The shots give a better overview of the peaks and can help with getting a good idea of routes. I have my license and I would love to help, if anybody would like to take the pitchures and if the photos are needed.
  22. [TR] Mount Washington- Route 1A 6/26/2004

    Yeah, I had an extra one and I left it for an emergency.
  23. [TR] Mount Washington- Route 1A 6/26/2004

    The only register I've seen in the Olympics was on Stone and that one had a rock on top ot it. I didnt even think to anchor it down. I just put a rather large rock on top of it. If anybodys heading up that way and wouldnt mind anchoring the register that would be cool. Ps Anybody drink the whoopass I left?
  24. [TR] Mount Washington- Route 1A 6/26/2004

    Fairweather, I climbed Washiington the first weekend in june with some friends and we placed a new summit log. I was just curious if the log was still there. Thanks Todd
  25. Mt Stone area

    There is always snow on the East face of stone (It can be a large snow feild in early July). Easy to cross it is adviseable to bring an ice axe. Bring a helmet too because the route through St.Peters gate is steep and full of lose rock and scree.