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  1. [TR] Mt. Hood- Norht Face Couloir 10/17/2005

    i was up there last weekend on the north face. definetely a post holing nightmare! but there is some great ice forming along the cooper spur and on the north face. we went up the middle of the face, and it was flufff. That was last weekend so i would expect that by know the cloud cap road has too much snow to even get up it, weather the gates are open or not. + avalanch conditions are pretty bad. We need some warm weather to consolidate all the new snow, then we the north face will be in Bad ASS shape. not that its not fun now. That was my second time on it this year and i loved it. Go to www.mangiantini.com and click on bob, laura and glens mt.hood trip and you can some of our pics from last weekend. nothing great but gives you and idea.
  2. wanted to get up there but kinda curious to how the conditions on the route are. north mowich face?
  3. Beta Needed - Cooper Spur, Hogsback Bergshrund

    i wouldnt worry about the south side just down climb the spur. i was on the north face last weekend and will be doing it again tonight. I just down climb cooper spur its fast and easy. plus you dont have to shuttle cars
  4. Partner this weekend 28-30 - Smith or...

    i might be heading up to the north cascades or possibly smith. were do you live? give me a call if you still need a partner. Bob Pool 541-301-4542
  5. Recent NF Hood photos-10-9-05

    was up there saturday night sunday morning, did the spur up a bit then traversed over onto the north face. conditions definetely sucked but the whole face (minus the two gullies) is climbable. i went solo so some of the spots were a lil sketchy because of the powdery snow. Its not bad though, just bring a lot of pickets if you want protection.
  6. Alpine Partner this weekend....28th-30th

    got this message a lil late but, next weekend i would be down for anything.
  7. Anyone need a ride to Smith this weekend 10/22?

    yeah i would love ride! im in eugene call me if you can swing by this way. 541-301-4542
  8. gonna head out to smith and wondering if anyone needs a partner for any of those days. im down for anything, easier than 12's. perf trad but sports cool too. if u r avaiable give me a call 541-301-4542
  9. climbing friday?

    where u looking to climb at? i am in eugene, but down for whatever.
  10. want to head up and check out the norht face on hood sunday night. maybe be the first up it for the year, if anyone is free give me a call 541-301-4542
  11. Moolack Columns

    i have climbed there a couple times and put up a few thin aid climbs. my thought is find out how to get there on your own, thats what i did. Look on a map, and whatever you do please dont thrash the place and definetely dont chip or bolt anything!!! Also try to use pre existing trees with slings already on them for rapping. And for how ever said the rock is crap, you must have been climbing in the wrong place. that crappy rock just needs a lil cleaning and its good to go.
  12. weekend alpine

    think i might be heading out this weekend to see how the north face of hood is with some people, we might have room.
  13. Recent NF Hood photos-10-9-05

    i think i am gonna go up there this weekend and check it out, its supposed to snow on saturday and then clear up on sunday. not the best conditions but i think it might still go! nothing else is really in so why not.
  14. looking for a good alpine climbing partner. i live in eugene and hopefully once we get some snow and ice i will be getting out everyweekend. looking for someone who wants to do routes like North face of Hood, Watusi Rodeo, Curtis Ridge, Yocum ridge in a light and fast style. Easier routes are ok too, i just need someone to climb with who loves to be out there.
  15. Banff Nov 5-12

    i might be interested, i need to see if i can get work and school off.
  16. wondering if anyone knows how the adams glacier route has been looking? planning on clmbing it next weekend, weather looks like it could be clear.
  17. wondering if any one knows if the north face of hood is still climbable? obviously rockfall, but i am thinking the far left face. also anyone been on sandy glacier headwall lately? how is it?
  18. also as a second choice i am wondering if the north side of hood might be possible, i know its been hot but i was thinking the far left chute, not a ton of rock fall on that one. same with sandy glacier, has anyone got on it lately? i was on reid glacier headwall this weekend and it was messy.
  19. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    hey, i am getting in shape for a trip to denali this june and will be heading up rainier many times, havent actually climbed it before but could take you and your friend up it and show you the ropes.

    hey whats up, i am getting in shape for a denali trip right know, so i would be up for climbing every weekend. anywhere.