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  1. Ice climbing partners? (02/01-03/15)

    next week i am planning on heading up to banff if you want to help throw down gas money you are more than welcome.
  2. ice next week

    think i might have that time off, were are you leaving from?
  3. Aid climber wanted

    always down for some aiding, got a pretty good size rack of pins, and cams ect... There is a new A4 line on the wombat at smith, i would be down for doing.
  4. Little tahoma questions

    i have checked out little tahoma a couple times and i just recently started checking in to the north and northeast face. my question is have either of these seen a second ascent? i read that one of them has only been climbed once back in the fifties or sixties. Either way in a couple of weeks i am going to go up and check it out, somthings gonna go.
  5. Little tahoma questions

    i have heard that thin ice forms, and i got the testicles so should b ok.
  6. Koflax plastic boots 4SALE

    have some 10 and 10.5 koflax's that i need to get rid of. in good shape. asking $200
  7. Little tahoma questions

    yeah i am definetely going for a frozen ascent, hoping for all ice.
  8. Climbing Partners - Jan 17 - 27

    hey, i would love a ride to ouray! i am in eugene and could meet you down in shasta city. What days are you doin sargeants?
  9. Eliot HW

    great route, but right know getting up to it sucks. the snow on the elliot is so deeeeep, nothing has consolidated yet which makesthe hike all the way until you get to steep ground shittttty. you guys planning on heading up? let me know i'd be down for seein what its like.
  10. Ice or Alpine this Wed/Thur

    wed? i am free, were are you located at? let me know i am already planning on climbing.
  11. Rainier in late December

    i am always down for a winter ascent but not anything on the muir side. somthing on the mowich face or a ridge route like liberty or ptmarigan. if you have a lot of experience with alpine climbing i would be down for climbing with you. i love winter ascents.
  12. Dec 16th-jan 3 first winter climbing

    were do you live? i am in eugene adn would be down for anything.
  13. Winter mid-weeks

    i might be down. what kinds of routes are you down for?
  14. Canadien Ice 12-3 to 12-6

    were are you located at? i might be interested if i can get the time off work. I love Banff, great ice, nice bars and hot ski bunnies.
  15. A note about true alpine training

    Bridwell has never done anything that great at higher altitudes! all of his climbs in alaska and south america were under 6000m. Not to say he isnt a badass son of a b#$%@. i have seen people smoking at over 6000m
  16. Aid Climbing

    hello, if you want to do some aid climbing hit me up! if we ever get a clear day i am always down. Maybe smith
  17. [TR] Hood- North Face 11/17/2005

    nice job, was up there just after you guys, did the same route basically but finished straight on. definetely thin!
  18. ?Alpine soloing techniques

    i have just started to solo climbs and i am wondering what different types of techniques people use? i have soloed quite a bit on rock and i just use a gri gri, but is there an easier alpine soloing method? because when i have to rap and clean ice pitches it seems wrong?
  19. ?Alpine soloing techniques

    Ok, didnt mean to put this post up in the newbie forum! Done many routes and soloed things like the north face of hood several times, i was just wondering if anyone had any new ideas for hard patches of mixed terrain, where you might just want to rope up for a little bit. i usually just pass a clove or use a gri gri, so thanks everyone for all the help!
  20. Cloud Cap Road conditions?

    yeah were does that trail start at?
  21. Near Eugene

    hello, i am down to climb any weekend. This week i already have plans for hood but, the weekend after thanksgiving we should climb somthing. i am in eugene too so it makes it pretty convenient.
  22. conditions on northface of hood

    the route will definetely be in i am heading up there my self. who ever made the does anybody climb the n.face or just talk about it, i have climbed it 3times this year! so yeah people are climbing it. The snow has been able to consolidate the last few days and there will be no more snow all week so that consolidation will keep happening. Plus the routes steep enough you dont have to worry about avi's too much not that it will be a problem by next weekend.
  23. Big 4 Ice Caves?

    anyone seen what the north face on big 4 looks like yet?
  24. ?Alpine soloing techniques

    obviously! but i am climbing without a partner!
  25. Avi conditions on N.Face hood

    heading up to hood again this weekend and wondering if anyone knows what the conditions are like on the north face? Ive been up there three times so far this year on the face but we have gotten so much new snow im wondering if how consolidated it wil be.