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  1. Leavenworth--Icicle Creek

    hey it was more like 26 feet! and beggers cant be choosers! better to climb somthing than nothing, last week i ended up in banff, so this week i had no choice but to climb the road ice
  2. Leavenworth--Icicle Creek

    i was up there on saturday and the best ice in the area is on highway 97, there are a couple of good flows coming right off the road.
  3. Ice suggestions?

    anyone have any suggestions where the best ice is going to be this coming weekend, thur-sun? leavenworth has been to dry for anything to form. Banks lake maybe?
  4. TC's conditions?

    went up there yesterday, who ever said there was a lot of new snow must have been looking at the report for the west cascades. no new snow in leavenworth area, just sun!, but we did hike up and give it a try, but i was wrong its not in yet.and to John Frieh, i ask a lot of questions because when you have to drive 7hrs to check somthing out and its not in! that sucks. so the more info i can get the better.but its all good because we found some sick obscure water ice!!!that we did laps on for hours and hours!!
  5. TC's conditions?

    dont worry big dawg bob has done his homework, and yes i do know when it would be in prime coniditions, but since i dont feel like waiting i am gonna do it tomorrow. dont worry though, i'll be sure to make a great TR, so you can all wish you had gone up and climbed it this weekend too!
  6. TC's conditions?

    the trip report sounds like its climbable under a wide range of conditions. its probably a lil too early for it but, whatever i'll drive my ass all the way up there like i do almost everyweekend and see how it is first hand.
  7. [TR] Big Four- Spindrift Coulior 2/18/2006

    sweet trip, sound like the snow could have been a bit more consolidated. Any good ice at all?
  8. Ice suggestions?

    yeah, cooper spur has quite a bit of ice right now flowing off the side but i dont think i can handle hiking up there another time this year. already been up random north face routes about 8 times since november...which is way tooo many!
  9. Ice suggestions?

    those lying bastards at the leavenworth climbing shop......thanks
  10. there isnt any ice! which is shitty. but you can get some real good frozen tree climbing in! best chance would be east face for ice, as of now. cheers,
  11. big four

    question, which way did you guys descend? any recommendations?
  12. big four

    you guys think the conditions might be alittle better this weekend? never headed up there last weekend went to banff instead.
  13. heading up north to do some climbing, big four, TC's, colonial what ever looks good. coming from eugene if anyone is interested give me a holler.
  14. [TR] Snoqalamnie Mtn- NY Gully 2/12/2006

    how much ice did you guys find on the route? thinkin bout trying it on my way up north next weekend, looks good. super small rack suggestions?
  15. Hood snow conditions

    nope, no snow shoes needed, but to just warn you i was up there today to give yocum a shot and we couldnt even get up to illumination saddle the windwas blowing so bad. you could barely stand up!!!! lets hope it goes away fast;
  16. gonna head up to hood tomorrow and looking for someone to climb yocum with. all my hard core partners are busy as of now. Conditions will be prime its supposed to be cold cold cold. call me if you are interested and able. 541-301-4542
  17. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 2/9/2006

    wasnt it such a beautiful day! hey guys, my friends and i ended driving all the way to banff!!! it was sick. but defeinetely need more time.
  18. stuart range conditions

    anyone know the conditions on dragontail? would it be worth climbing this weekend?
  19. stuart range conditions

    thanks guys, i think i am going to tyr the TC's, i called the leavenworth climbing shop and they say the snow is consolidated and its freezing good at night. Since the TC's are in the shade most of the day i think it will be prime.
  20. big four

    thanks for all the beta guys, i will be sure to try and get some photos posted to show everyone how sweeeet it was!
  21. big four

    fifty fifty on weather i am gonna head up there. thinking i will do chair peak on thur and see how the snow is there and if its good then i probably will head up and do two routes on big four, fri and sat. wish us luck!!!!!
  22. Need a partner for Thr-Fri or Fri-Sat

    i was thinking about heading up there wed night and doing somthing like chair peak, or big four if we get colder weather. have you done chair peak before?
  23. Hood snow conditions

    anyone know what the conditions are like on the north side? thinking that this weekend coming up things should be sweeeet.
  24. big four

    anyone know about conditions on colonial?
  25. conditions on dragon tail?

    wondering if anyone has been up in the dragontail/stuart area lately?