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  1. 28 feet isn't even a big fall . . . [it's] merely slightly larger than average.


    What exactly is the average fall length? I didn't realize someone had compiled that data.

  2. "Has anyone here seen American History X? Or Schindler's List? Both fine films, both featuring characters that are clearly anti-semitic, and in the case of American History X, one of those characters is played by Edward Norton, one of the finest actors in the last 50 years.





  3. I spent too many long hours in a hot stationwagon listening to my parents' 8 track cassettes of country and western to ever be able to hear this music without wanting to retch.


    That everything I love about country music.


    Reminds me of Lucinda-


    Low hum of voices in the front seat

    Stories nobody knows

    Got folks in Jackson we're going to meet

    Car wheels on a gravel road

    Cotton fields stretching miles and miles

    Hank's voice on the radio

    Telephone poles trees and wires fly on by

    Car wheels on a gravel road


  4. Basically there are 20% of the people are going to vote D no matter what, and 20% of the people are going to vote R no matter what.

    It is that 40% in the middle that count.


    I see you were never good at math. Public schools? :grlaf:


    Looks like he might be a prime candidate for a position as a Florida recount worker, or CIA analyst responsible for predicting the likelihood of WMDs in Iraq.

  5. I find it ironic that we have a thread called "beer or baby" where a stupid worthless alkie "Mom" is rightly lambasted for her irresponsibility while another thread discusses the relative merits of hardcore drugs, and proponents of their recreational use are "parents" themselves. :tdown:


    Careful - having an opinion on the differing costs/benefits of various illegal drugs based on past experience does not neatly equate into current drug use. Furthermore, past drug use prior to partenhood does not neatly equate into bad parenting, whereas driving around with a half rack of beer strapped down with a seat belt while the toddler is unrestrained in the back seat does.


    Does experience with recreational drug use automatically make someone an affirmative proponent of recreational drug use? I don't think so. Indeed, it has often had the exact opposite effect. Like most things in life, recreational drug use(including the liquor) can be a blessing or a curse - and most likely offers a bit of both.


    Edited to add - furthermore, judging others for the risks associated with their personal choices (including potential impacts on children and family) on a website for people devoted to some fucking dangerous activities seems a bit odd.

  6. Best drugs in order =












    the gas they give you at the dentist



    Interesing. Tobacco better than nitrous oxide? I don't smoke cigarattes or chew, but does nicotine give you pleasure or just satisfy the addictive urge?


    Meth better than MDMA? For pure, mind-blowing pleasure molly is hard to beat. :toad: 8D