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  1. Iraq

    Bush gets his 160 billion to keep occupying Iraq. When is it going to end?


    Upon completion of the mission.


    I thought we already did that.





  2. Iraq




    John: "Oh George, I'm so sorry that I tried to stand up to the GOP's religious fucknut wing. I deserved everything you dished out in South Carolina."


    George: "Come to Jeeeeesus, Johnny, and you shall be foregiven."

  3. My sister is a fundamentalist christian and adherent to 'quiverfull' theology. She believes that 'god opens and closes the womb.' She has 8 kids, and it's quite apparent god doesn't close the womb too much.


    'quiverfull' is a reference to Psalms 127:5 - How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They will not be ashamed When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

  4. chutzpah is a Middle-Eastern dish, in which is allowed double dipping


    oh yes




    I think y'all need to stop devoting so much time to spewing about politics and focus on posting pictures of hot chicks. Well done Hugh.

  5. Iraq

    Does it really matter how many times the candidates have visited Iraq? Bush has visited Iraq a number of times and he's a grade A douche bag.



  6. Iraq

    Hypocrites. You say you are informed and that you want to effect change in the World screaming Darfur! Darfur like a bunch of collegiant big tittied blonds fucking their political science professors.


    Well, at least you aren't a misogynist. . . :rolleyes:

  7. Iraq

    If you joined after we took over Iraq…..you are an idiot.


    Pretty tough words coming from the biggest fucking idiot on this site.


    But you must admit that KB has an almost coherent point, and we should at least acknowledge that - if only for its rarity.

  8. Iraq

    He took a solemn vow to put your rights over his life. That is not at all absurd.


    The oath of service is completely and utterly unrelated to the reasons why service members find themselves in Iraq. Just because soldiers swear to protect the constitution doesn't mean that everything the military/ CIC orders them to do is related to that end. You can understand that distinction, right?

  9. Iraq

    Yeah... we can all see past your (and those like you) thin veneer saying "we support our troops" charade. It is one thing to not support a war.


    It is quite another to defame someone who died to save 4 of his friends and also died to protect your right to say such filth.


    I agree that it is incredibly lame to defame a soldier who sacrificed himself to save his comrades' lives. But to imply that this soldier's death had something to due with defending and protecting our constituional rights is absurd, and disregards the absolutely fucked decisions that put him in that situation.