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  1. Abstinence is still the only method with a 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% track record.


    That 0.0% of the population actually uses.


    sorry, but you forgot about Gary. not by choice, but nevertheless...




    Good point. It's no big deal that she attended the AIP conventions, at minimum, in 1994 and 2002. It's also no big deal that she addressed the convention in 2008:



    Hell, her campaign slogan during the governor election was the same as AIPs - Alaska First.


    It's also no big deal that her husband (i.e. the First Dude) was a long time registered member of AIP.


    Let's just call her nomination what it is - pandering to the fundamental fringe of the GOP. Senator McCain was a maverick back in 2000 when he railed against the GOPs agents of intolerance - the very agents he has embraced in recent weeks and in whose lot he has cast his fate.

  3. Dude, that place is like oatmeal . . . lumpy, bland, and grey. Not to mention half empty.


    And Lieberman? He got a lukewarm response, despite the apparent tears he brought to your eyes. He's pretty much irrelevant. The Ds don't want him. The Rs don't want him. Hell, Connecticut barely wants him.


    I wonder if Mr. Loa closed out MY tab for me.


    Anybody need a tank of gas?


    Mr. Lao's thinking the same thing. Wonder what he's buying with your card?

  5. Especially because America is just not ready to vote for a hottie.


    Unfortunately, lots of 'mericans will likely vote for a hottie before they vote for a muslim . . . :rolleyes:

  6. The disenfranchised Hillary set is really going to flock to a militant pro-life, NRAtard, polar bear killing driller like Palin . . . Good choice John.


    "Tard" might be a bit inappropriate.


    Just a play on 'libtard'. At least the GOP can still hammer the experience issue. Oh wait a minute . . .

  7. The disenfranchised Hillary set is really going to flock to a militant pro-life, NRAtard, polar bear killing driller like Palin . . . Good choice John.

  8. 3) Proof that all Russia will get from the West is yet another bout of "strong words," despite whatever villanous actions they might commit against their newly freed neighbours.



    If you were in charge, how would you respond to recent Russian aggression besides issuing "strong words"? Serious question about a serious issue.



    Who gives a fuck?


    Thinking people.


    This shit is pretty disconcerting, but not entirely unexpected, particulary when you consider the extent to which the United States has been weakened over the last seven years.





  9. Senator Biden is a strong choice. . . his Catholic, lunch box democratic creds should help ground Senator Obama's campaign. I favored Governor Richardson for a while, but some of my clients in New Mexico indicated that there were some not-so-well-hidden skeletons in his (((closet))).


    I relish a Sen. Biden - Gov. Romney veep debate. Hell, a Sen. Biden - Sen. McCain debate would be great as well.

  10. Any residential electricians on the board, or does anyone have a quality referral for Seattle? I'd like to avoid the yellow pages option, if possible.


    For some reason, a breaker switch (powering our office) keeps tripping and we need to get it checked out before our house burns down . . .




  11. Kick Ass


    Armed 85-year-old woman makes intruder call cops



    POINT MARION, Pa. -- An 85-year-old woman boldly went for her gun and busted a would-be burglar inside her home, then forced him to call police while she kept him in her sights, police said.


    "I just walked right on past him to the bedroom and got my gun," Leda Smith said.


    Smith heard someone break into her home Monday afternoon and grabbed the .22-caliber revolver she had been keeping by her bed since a neighbor's home was burglarized a few weeks ago.


    "I said 'What are you doing in my house?' He just kept saying he didn't do it," Smith said.


    After the 17-year-old boy called 911, Smith kept holding the gun on him until state police arrived at her home in Springhill Township, about 45 miles south of Pittsburgh.


    The boy will be charged with attempted burglary and related offenses in juvenile court, Trooper Christian Lieberum said. He was not identified because of his age.


    "It was exciting," Smith said. "I just hope I broke up the (burglary) ring because they have been hitting a lot of places around here."