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  1. Telemark Skiers

    Please. That would make face planting much more difficult.
  2. Telemark Skiers

    Arrogant? Usually. Holier-than-thou? For the most part. Cult-like? Absolutely. Dying sport? I don't think so: mHRKiT_dX1U
  3. Oil free by 2018

    Wow. That's really persuasive. I foolishly thought climate change was real until you juxtaposed pictures of Vice President Gore and Hitler. Thanks!!!
  4. Tacoma Climbing Co-op. . .

    Jacques Cousteau weight belts = sick resistance training.
  5. Nude climber craze tipped to take over Britain

    Whoa! I'm pretty sure she is the ideal clucking partner.
  6. Best tasting recovery drink?

    I thought beer was the hardman recovery drink of choice???
  7. road trip tunes

    isnt that impossible..? tune radio play ipod add input jack plug mp3, think its like 30$ to have jack installed Any recommendations for getting an MP3 jack installed in Seattle???
  8. road trip tunes

    The Warfield Theater shows from the late 80's are supurb, too -- classic acoustic dead. Oct 11, 1980 is my fav Speaking of the Dead, this is classic roadtrip material: Another roadtrip classic: Stop Breakin' Down!
  9. road trip tunes

    Can't you smell that smell?
  10. road trip tunes

    Good call. Another top-5 roadtrip album:
  11. road trip tunes

    Quite possibly the best summer roadtrip album:
  12. funny jokes

    Hey babe, he wanted to call me out on that shit. Anyone who wants to have a night out on the town with me followed by a workout in the morning is welcome. Aren't you the fragile little bitch. Does your pussy hurt this bad in person, or just on the tronz?
  13. The Viaduct a historic landmark?

    Because transportation planning in the Puget Sound isn't fucked up enough already . . .
  14. funny jokes

  15. USA shockingly vulnerable (EMP)

    Holy shit, could it ever. That stuff tastes good going down, but damn if it doesn't create some serious gaseous explosions. Just ask my brother who had to share a tent with me after I ate it a few weeks ago... MH Chili Mac --> the deadlies of all altitude-related illnesses: HAFE (High Altitude Flatulence Explosion)
  16. TR: Tuolumne and the Leap, July 2008

    Great TR, but Maybe I'm just misreading . . .
  17. Theres Shakin' Going On At The Safe!

    Richie, don't let the door hit you in the ass.
  18. The Viaduct a historic landmark?

    Sophisticated. I may have understood your reference better if you'd just posted this picture:
  19. oooo another bolt v. not thread

    I heard he has a problem with nuts, so I guess he'd say "bolt the fucker."
  20. The Viaduct a historic landmark?

    Oly, if you're going to make non sequitur posts, please limit them to pictures of 70s chicks with erect nips, m'kay?
  21. Poll - North Korea

    I haven't seen any discussion of recent developments in the U.S.' relations with North Korea. The Bush Administration is being chastized from both ends - some conservatives discredit the developments as too little, while some liberals discredit the developments as too late. What are your thoughts?
  22. Whatever you say, John....

    He can't even use a computer, much less balance the budget. . . _R9wnMVZE_Q
  23. Rest in Peace Jesse Helms

    M'kay. No "hurrahs" from you (if and) when OBL gets capped???
  24. Rest in Peace Jesse Helms

    His uncompromising stance against increasing automobile fuel effeciency standards further demonstrates his vision and brilliance.
  25. Who is

    Prince = under rated guitar player. Check out his solo and note throwing the guitar at the end: D7sT1HRV2qU