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  1. W00t w00t

    My favorite... the Bubb Rubb Soundboard http://www.millerarts.com/interactive/BubbRubb/BubbRubbSoundBoard.html
  2. Beginner Areas @ 11worth

    Clamshell Cave is pretty nice. A few easily top roped climbs in the 5.7-5.9 range. Also, Mad Meadows and Arnica Glen have nice easy slab.s
  3. E38 Thursday afternoon

    Anyone wanna go clip some bolts Thursday afternoon? I can leave Seattle @ 2pm. I have wheels and gear. I'm looking to climb a bunch of easy pitches (under 5.10) on account of I'm a born-again gumby and I fall off harder stuff. PM if interested
  4. E38 Thursday afternoon

    Any takers? Forecast is calling for plenty o sunshine... PM or email tilld /at/ seattleu /dot/ edu if interested
  5. E38 Thursday afternoon

    I don't (((need))) a rope-gun. In fact, I consider myself to be a rope-gun of sorts-- Caliber Gumby. Shut down by that 5.7? Sweet... I'm your man.