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  1. Obama : I am a new kind of pol!

  2. Former Nat'l Review Publisher Endorses Obama

    It's brutally ironic that Lady Rothchild is accusing the DNC of being plauged by elitism. Underworld, any thoughts on Mr. Allison's criticism of the GOP's movement away from some pretty bedrock conservative principles?
  3. if you like cute-chicks w/ guns

    For christ sakes, this thread is about hot chicks with guns - a subject matter that transcends our silly partisan politics.
  4. WAMU

    How much money do you have deposited in WAMU accounts? While the risk of WAMU failing may be insigificant, avoiding such risk is pretty simple. The transition had no direct economic downside for me, but a significant potential upside.
  5. WAMU

  6. The Bush Response

    We are lucky to have such a decisive and inspirational leader in these tumultuous times.
  7. McCain/Palin: zero economic credentials

    In light of staggering deficits, rising unemployment, and of the collapse of Lehman, Merril Lynch, Bear Sterns, Freddie and Fannie, etc., McCain (as of this morning) still thinks the fundamentals of the U.S. economy are sound. igAmVs0cvY8&eur
  8. HELLO

  9. Palin and the Bush Doctrine

    The potentially next VP of the United States has absolutely no idea what the Bush Doctrine is. Was she really this bad, or is it just my hopeful imagination? Z75QSExE0jU
  10. Sarah Palin - Closet Porn Star??

    Anticipatory ejaculation, right?
  11. Palin and the Bush Doctrine

  12. Sarah Palin - Closet Porn Star??

    Harsh man. I don't think porn sluts deserve that type of comparison.
  13. Biden

    Is that why Senator McCain and Governor Palin will exclusively campaign together, with few if any independent appearances? Or is it because it would be pretty embarassing if Governor Palin drew larger crowds on her own than Senator McCain was able to draw? She's the rock star on that ticket. She's the reason folks are going to Senator McCain's campaign events, not because of his riviting boring speeches and wining creepy smile. She's further proof of Senator McCain's efforts to elevate personal naratives and devisive cultural issues over substantive policy.
  14. Biden

    If you think Biden is more qualified than McCain, what are the policy differences between him and Obama that compel you not to vote for the D ticket? Or is your vote based on personality rather than policy? Just curious . . .
  15. President Palin? WTF?

    Yup yup, until the 2004 convention. Not a Maverick:
  16. Flip

    Good thing McCain didn't flip on that very same issue . . .
  17. Nice 9/11 Video

    That 9/11 [shameless exploitation] tribute video [/shameless exploitation] last night was a real class act. Republicans should be embarrassed, angry, and ashamed.
  18. Favorite RNC Quotes

    Wait a minute, Obama/Biden are the elitists? The fashion experts at Vanity Fair estimated the value of Cindy McCain's outfit on Tuesday night to be in the range of $300,000. That's a lot of bling. So, what does $300,000 buy in America? - An average American home ---- plus $80,000 in upgrades. - Full, four year college tuition, plus room and board, for two students - Nearly four times the average retirement savings for persons age 45 to 62. - Roughly ten full-time community organizers working to make neighborhoods and America better. - Ten full-time special needs caregivers for a year - Twelve full-time maids for each of your seven homes. - 6,000 hours of picking lettuce at $50 per hour - 600 pairs of John McCain's $500 Italian loafers And last, but not least....... - One outfit for Cindy McCain to wear on national TV while she explains to America that John McCain and the Republicans understand their economic and social woes. Pffft.
  19. Favorite RNC Quotes

    Violating OPSEC by announcing deployment dates? Why does she want to put the troops, indeed her own son, at risk like that? Just to score political points? Right. He sure is deep in SPEC-OPS. Hell, we knew when Prince Harry was in Iraq. Media even leaked where. Media leaking and mom announcing are two very different things, for what it's worth. I'm just surprised that she'd do that, given her front line military experience fending off the Red Army.
  20. Favorite RNC Quotes

    Violating OPSEC by announcing deployment dates? Why does she want to put the troops, indeed her own son, at risk like that? Just to score political points?
  21. President Palin? WTF?

    By the way, where is her american flag lapel pin? The GOP should be ashamed of her lack of patriotism.
  22. Favorite RNC Quotes

  23. Favorite RNC Quotes

  24. Favorite RNC Quotes

    Rick Davis, McCain camgaign manager: "This election is not about issues. This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."
  25. President Palin? WTF?