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  1. Another prophet of disaster

    mmmmm . . . foie gras ...
  2. Attention MTV!

    Looks like any Berkeley/Cambridge coed....except for the automatic weapon. I was thinking Ani DiFranco
  3. Attention MTV!

    Reality TV? My vote goes for pr0n. 8D
  4. The bike-truck accident

    Some asshat, who I was yelling at last week for almost crushing me and my bike when he ran a redlight on Elliot, asked me "Why don't you get in a car like a normal fucking human being?" Douchebaggery reigns supreme on seattle streets. Check yo self.
  5. La Nina....

    Fuck Yeah!
  6. Freedom and The Path to 9/11

    Fewer, please.
  7. Freedom and The Path to 9/11

    It's such a shame that the liberal media has completely ignored and/or covered up this story. Thankfully, the LA Times, a bastion of conservatism rivaled only by Fox, uncovered The Truth.
  8. Church of Climbing

    Does this proposed religion involve peyote rituals?
  9. What is the funnest thing to do while high on pot?

    and all mathematics are shot to heck. staring at mandelbrot sets is kind of cool
  10. Ms. Teen USA - South Carolina

    lj3iNxZ8Dww :lmao:
  11. funny picture

    Necrosnaffle. Iz in yer trap, hittins yer corpzez
  12. LOL. that's what i thought at first. i was hoping to score some BTEX. bummer.
  13. Ms. Teen USA - South Carolina

    And here I thought Bush was a complete incompetent, but he's apparently damn good at clearing brush. Those are some pretty sweet trailers for the staff.
  14. Sen. Larry Craig (R-Id) arrested

    Precisely . . . great reasons such as being a Family Values Republican Senator embarassed by trying to suck cock in an airport bathroom.
  15. Ms. Teen USA - South Carolina

    Oh, you must be Mr. Teen South Carolina . . . congrats.
  16. Just put it on the credit card!

    I agree, but why don't you go first . . .
  17. politics for the lazy reader....

    But perfectly formated political discourse for the post-literate lazy reader.
  18. politics for the lazy reader....

  19. Noooooo....

    The Invisible Hand is poachin' yer stashes.
  20. Another Banner Day for Enumclaw

    Inspired by aryGa gvneYa's goat pr0n thread?
  21. bizarro

    Decapitated Snake Bites Man