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  1. A Call to Civil Disobedience

    While we may disagree on many things, I'm glad to have your support. This is an issue that transcends political ideologies and should resonate clearly in the heart of all Americans, whether effete, soy-latte sipping red-staters, or true-blue 'merican patriots.
  2. Ten Days That Shook Olympia

    I disagree with most of what you write on this board, but that's pretty funny.
  3. Another Awesome Bush Priority

    I was really happy to see the President on the frontpage of cnn today announcing that he's remedied one of the nation's most pressing issues. Climate change? Junk science and not a problem. Children without health care? It's their fault for not working hard enough. But congested air travel over the holidays. Now that is something warranting presidential attention. Mr. Bush's priorities are laudable. Another embarassment
  4. I'm pretty sure neither of the pictures accompanying the article have anything to do with the route/boulder problem.
  5. Ranking threads

    That rating system is fucked. What if you want to rate a thread as the suck?
  6. Taking climbing to a new level

    fucking hardcore
  7. sugar mama wanted

    Priority given to females already in relationships with family members, co-workers, friends, bosses, etc.
  8. Halloween

    Wow, you gleened democrat in an inter-racial marriage who enjoyed plastic spoons (occassionaly silver colored) during his single-parent, working class childhood? You seem really fucking astute. Despite the questionable application of black-face, that costume is pretty funny on account of McLooty's a bit of a cultural icon. If you can't laugh at the expense of someone who loots a box of Henikens in the wake of a natural disaster, what can you laugh at?
  9. Halloween

    McLooty is the funniest costume I've seen:
  10. What do you do for a living?

    Wait a minute - you're a bukkake slave too? This place is kinkier than I thought.
  11. Into the Wild

    Really? You found someone else naive and narcissistic, and judged their actions as completely inexcusable? Wow, what a surprise . . .
  12. Monogamy?

    But they've done it for you on occassion?
  13. Monogamy?

    Just to make sure that I'm not misinterpreting this statement - you are claiming to have had sex with three of your brother's wives, your best friend's wife, and two of your wife's sisters? I suspect incest may run deep in the V7 clan. At least that would explain some things.
  14. What do you do for a living?

    Being a bukkake slave isn't for everyone. At least you gave it a shot.
  15. WTF?

    Oh yeah, I remember that thread, so let me rephrase. Perhaps you've never been fucked in the ass by an insurance company in the wake of a natural disaster. I hope your insurance worked better than it did for other people I know.
  16. WTF?

    "Not covered" does not mean "not insured." That's my point. I believe it's pretty hard to own a home without insurance unless you own it outright (ie no mortgage).
  17. WTF?

    Yes, he's responsible for where he lives. However, he, like thousands of other homeowners, attempted to ameliorate the risk he assumed by paying exorbinant insurance premiums. This otherwise rational decision-making was corrupted by an underlying false assumption that the insurance would actually cover those risks.
  18. WTF?

    But you trust insurance companies? Sucker.
  19. What do you do for a living?

    Attorney. Environmental and land use litigation.
  20. WTF?

    Arch, You've obviously never dealt with an insurance company in the wake of a natural disaster. People who are adequately covered are often denied coverage by how damage is characterized. For example, my dad's house in Florida was destroyed by a tidal surge attributable to hurricane Ivan. Because he had no roof damage (just installed a bomber new roof), USAA characterized the damage as "flood" rather than "hurricane," with the difference (among many) being depreciated compensation under the flood policy rather than full compensation under the hurricane policy. Additionally, flood insurance did not cover dislocation expenses, as the hurricane policy would. As a result, insurers were able to avoid properly compensating folks who were insured. That's where FEMA stepped in - helping people fucked by their insurers. Oh but wait, it's my dad's fault. Don't forget, the insurance profit strategy is two-fold: (1) collect premiums; (2) deny coverage.
  21. RIP Oink

  22. All you guys (& gals) under 25

    Black Keys. Not necessarily blues-based, but their sound certainly refers back to 'classic' rock.
  23. Fatties get special treatment?

    ^^^ ^^^
  24. Bellingham

    No doubt. Too many hamsters fluff Pepper Sisters but turn their noses up to good mexican. My favorite taco truck ever used to park way out on the Guide. That shiznit was the best, especially la salsa verde muy caliente.
  25. HAIL

    You think they would've closed their door . . .