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  1. found gear at carver

    I found some gear on the anchor at top of combination block, the anchor at bottom of "sea of holes" if it is your let me know. found it monday 6-8
  2. found cam on zebra zion

    climbed zebra zion saturday 5/2, the party in front of us, a guy and a gal, I have one of your stoppers and a cam. if anyone knows who they are, would be cool to get there stuff back to them. email me at benjaminpriestley@hotmail.com
  3. Index Bird Closures?

    Anybody know what the raptor closure situation is at Index this year?
  4. Index Bird Closures?

    OK, thanks for the info. What is the best website to check for bird closures before heading to Index?
  5. Gorge Ice 2014 style

    any updates for today? how about mist falls, seems like that is usually the first thing in, anyone seen it today?
  6. anyone know if mist falls or anything else in today?
  7. Looking to climb ice tomorrow, probably in starvation creek area. anyone available
  8. Gorge Ice 2014 style

    Looking to climb ice tomorrow, probably in starvation creek area. anyone available? my email benjaminpriestley@hotmail.com .... anyone have any info about conditions out that way?
  9. Thanks Mr. Gecko! keep the beta coming!
  10. Found Cam at Ozone

    I pulled a stuck cam off of a climb at Ozone, if it is yours email me at benjaminpriestley@hotmail.com
  11. Tumalo Creek Rock

    Hey Brian, what is the name of that awesome 5.9 multipitch? That is a must do.
  12. Ivan, this is your best TR in a while, very entertaining read. I even learned some new words, but I could not find a definition for cuckolded
  13. Beacon

    read and re-read
  14. [TR] Turkey Monster - Dod Route 9/30/2012

    Hey Wayne, are those pitch 3 bolt hangers still tinfoil? Or have any of those been replaced now?
  15. MENAGERIE, OR Peregrine Closure

    Thanks for all your work Greg. Has the FS decided on a closure yet?
  16. Great idea 'Hound, let's go take a look around up there, many possibilities. Ivan and Eric, thanks for letting me wrangle you guys into these shenanigans. Good times! We'll have to climb that last tier next time.
  17. Tumalo Creek Rock

    cougar butress is good fun
  18. [TR] Mt. Hood - Elliot Headwall 6/2/2013

  19. Happy Birthday Jim

    Happy Birthday Jim! Glad to hear you are getting out.
  20. Classic! Thanks for the reminder that I am not the only Gorge idiot out there.
  21. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except herpes, that crud stays with you.
  22. Santiam Hwy Ledges topo?

    Bolt replacement on multipitch routes is a LOT of work. I really appreciate it!