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  1. X4s, barbell home gym

    price drop
  2. X4s, barbell home gym

    BD X4s complete set only used on a couple trips - $300 Nautilus barbell home gym - very compact setup for complete barbell workouts, everything stows away neatly, in excellent condition - $350 Pictures and further description on MP: http://mountainproject.com/v/fs-seattle-nautilus-benchsquat-rack-barbell-and-weights-quarks-x4s/109496672#a_109500816 Thanks!
  3. trade: your road bike for my gear

    Cool, thanks.
  4. trade: your road bike for my gear

    My road bike was recently stolen, and I'm on medical leave from work due to bilateral ankle fractures so I'm short on cash. I'm approaching the point in my recovery where a bicycle would be beneficial and besides, it's my preferred way to get around the city. I'm not looking for a super nice bike as I don't want to have to replace all my gear, but the bike must be in good condition/full working order. I'm too busy fixing myself to fix a bike right now. Frame size should be around 60cm. I'll consider trading a selection of the following: Petzl Quark ice tools brand new size 46 Scarpa Rebel carbon pro boots worn less than 50mi size 44.5 La Sportiva TC Pros never worn lightly used Petzl Sarken Leverlock crampons 70cm CAMP Nanotech ice axe MSR Reactor stove w/ 1.7L pot Petzl Turbo Express 13cm ice screw, brand new DMM Dragons size 1-6 (BD equivalent of 0.5-4) only 1 year of moderate use w/alpha trad racking biners X4s 0.1-0.75 bigger ones lightly used smallest ones never used w/photon racking biners C4s lightly used #1; #2 and #3 never used w/photon racking biners DMM Torque Nuts 1-4 w/ photon racking biners set of DMM Wallnuts set of DMM Alloy Offsets almost brand new set of CAMP Pro Nuts brand new pink tricam evo red tricam smallest two ballnuts brand new 9 alpine draws on 8mm dyneema w/ one nano and one photon biner each Petzl Croll chest ascender Petzl Ascension left-hand ascender BD Vapor helmet with a couple dings. 8.9mm Mammut Serenity 60m rope, a few fuzzies If you would consider such a trade tell me in detail about the bike and it's condition and what you're interested in trading for. If I'm interested in your bike I'll be happy to answer questions/send you pictures regarding this gear and work out the details. PM me or e-mail me directly at dane_m_burke@hotmail.com Thanks, Dane
  5. I'm on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Pictures and details here: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=701519#701519 Thanks, Dane
  6. change display name?

    I registered years ago and for some reason decided my full name would be a good idea. I'd like a bit more anonymity now...is there a way to change my display name, or should I just register a new account? Thanks...
  7. Impressive. What an introduction for Tyler! In retrospect could you have found a scramble route up Adelaide? I'd love to traverse from Baldy to Surprise Basin but I'm not looking to rope up. I found the exact same thing on Mt. Deception last summer, so I removed it as garbage. Still in one of my gear bins I think... (oh damn was that really my first post here? I guess my 6yrs of lurking are up!)