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  1. Climb: Pole Creek approach snow cond.????- Date of Climb: 6/21/2004 Trip Report: Any body been up to the N/M Sister from Pole Creek in the last few days? Wondering about the need for snowshoes. Thanks.
  2. [TR] 3 Sisters Ski- Prouty Point 5/2/2004

    THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!! What a great time.
  3. Climb: Pole creek???- Date of Climb: 4/13/2004 Trip Report: Anybody know anything about Pole Creek access right now?
  4. That's pretty cool how the cows got up there. And the chinese guy? SSSSWEEEEEEET!!
  5. [TR] Mt Hood- Sandy Headwall 4/8/2004

    Sounds like you had a great one. Long time out, what time did you get back to TL?
  6. Early Morning on N. Sister top-out

    I have climbed the north Ridge and finished the pinnicle. The rock is good. Bring slings and tri-cams if you have them. Pretty fun climbing though. it has been many years for me. Let me see if I have nay old notes and I will write back. One ta two miles on Pole creek?
  7. [TR] Mt. Hood- Leuthold Couloir 3/22/2004

    "When I was doing a bit more video footage, and a little narration as well, I remember my face was cold and my speech was a little slurred, so it must've been somewhat cold. I'd imagine it was right about freezing up there." That's the good stuff - 30mph is no little wind. Sweet solo with the vid and all.
  8. Small Digital Camera Suggestions?

    The new Olympus Stylus 400 is Amazing in the mountains (for a digital) Lithium Battery, Highly Water resistant (the only one) very durable, workable with gloves, Very small, sharp images, E-bay for $325
  9. [TR] Mt. Hood- Leuthold Couloir 3/22/2004

    Good job - supper fast, love that. Nice pic of the summit ridge. I especially like the piss spot at the lower part of the pic. Sounds fun. What was the temp.? Did you have anyway to tell?
  10. Hay B-rock? I tried shrinking but it still is to big (over the 100000 limit) I am scanning the picture. should I scan it a different way? I have never had problems putting on other pictures.
  11. Ya, I remember the big controversy after the heli crash on Hood a few years ago, "should climbers have to pass a state mandated liscensing before they are allowed to climb?. . .how could we put this in place?" I 'bout busted. I think a few signs at trail heads that say, "You are going to die if you go any further, don't be stupied !!!" That should cover it and make us feel really tough. Ha
  12. Sorry, I am having problems putting the pictures on. Any suggestions??