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    are they still for sale. what is the euro size. thanks, anegully@yahoo.com
  2. Conditions on Adams Glacier

    hi has anyone been on the Adams Glacier lately? looking at going this week. thanks,
  3. 5 got to do climbs in PNW

    NE Buttress Johannsburg NE Buttress Goode Early Morning Spire West Arete El Dorado Plumline, Castle Crags
  4. [TR] Eldorado- west arete 6/26/2004

    Nice report, going in to climb it in a a week. Got a question, i climbed early morning spire so i know the approch. My thoughts are to base camp close to the east ridge but access the arete thro the inspiration col and drop down the slope between the needel and eldo. Any thought on this? Thanks
  5. How do you clip your belay biner to your harness?

    AMGA recommends using the belay loop..... hence the name. These guys are serious climbers with serious info. If it works for them, it works for me. ps for newbies AMGA is American Mountain Guides Assoc
  6. 39 buried in Utah Avalanche!

    Hmm maybe they were still asleep because there was little O2 left inside the cave, thoses type of leaders need to figure out how little they know
  7. ice tools what to get?

    Simond Naja's, light, aggressive pick with small grip, great leash. In most cases they will climb ice mushhhhhhhhhh better then their owner. similar is the new anacondas........ nuff said
  8. Freney Pro

    I am sellinga pair of NEW Freney XT size 43 if you are interested $180 plus shipping
  9. Guides Siltarp 2

    Really like the Guides Siltarp 2, with velcro you can use as a bivy sack. But i am looking for something that is breathable and about the same size. Has anyone used this as a bivy sack(condensation?) or know of some other product? Thanks
  10. Denali West Buttress Sleeping Bag

    The best advice that i got about Denali was "if you sleep warm at night you can handle any amount of cold, shit weather during the day. Hard to stay movtivated when you know that you are gonna freeze your butt off at night. Sure was true since i spent 7 days at 17K back in 98. I had a -40 Marmot Cym and would bring the same bag again.
  11. New Freney XT Boots size 43. Retail $300, sell for $180 plus shipping ($10). Bibler Tripod great condition retail approx $295 sell $185 plus shipping ($10). Patagonia Nutrino gloves L, used once $65