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  1. My Dog is Cuter than your dog

    I vote for the mountain goat!
  2. rapture

    The boils won't be reflected on our avatar's right?
  3. Saw the flood coming

    Yet anouther wise decision by Pres.Bush. He was probably to busy allocating resources to our terror alert level sytem (yelow, orange, green-have we even seen green?) Natural disaster? Na we need to get Oil- I mean terrorist....
  4. new tools for speed hiking!

    N-O , It's a good oppertunity to fall on your face. and look like a homo.
  5. What Do you Want to See?

    More graemlins !!!!
  6. Nice I think I'll drink one for ya okay two just so I can imagine I climbed it too.
  7. 1 American = 100 other people

    Hell yeah! This shit is nothing compared to that other stuff. Let's see Hiroshima, What like 50,000 dead instantly. Tsunami, I mean damn like anything even needs to be said about that. But I will, Those people had everything washed away with no way to recover, at least we have our money in electronic banks, have helicopters and first aid close by. Does it suck? Yes, it's horrible and unfortunate but only Americans would shoot each other over ice. (just on the news- someone shot thier sister point blank in the head over ice )-nice one! go America! discuss....
  8. video

    Intersting point. You know what is also intersting. I have lived in Okinawa, Japan where there are several typhoons a year. Of course not all are this serious but the point is Okinawan's build their houses and buildings out of concrete. My house and street flooded to the point of undrivability but it did not float away. Maybe the people down in the gulf region should take notes from the japanese. Buildings are ugly in okinawa but this kind of tradgedy is well planned out.
  9. What were these people thinking?

    Okay, I was talking about thier families to clairify for you. Either way if you play with fire and get burned. Well, no one cares because you f'd up.
  10. Uninitiate Complaints

    This post reminds me of that whole Squamish gondola thing. Oh, and the NPS trying to put hotels and housing on top of camp 4. Anyone notice all the cement still in the campgrounds now closed in yosemite? Nice conservation NPS!
  11. Uninitiate Complaints

    I had a friend who was a tour guide in national park and one time he had a park visitor actually stop on the trail where the cement ended and say "I don't walk on dirt trails" What an ass. I say to hotels and cement trails in our national parks.
  12. video

    I think you may have something with that analogy. The real shit is that there was talk about "if the international community will give us aid" Like the rest of the world is going to help us. If we spent so much money on Iraq that we can't afford to fix this ourselves then our gov. sucks. Why are we the only country that helps others before ourselves. (assuming you belive helping people consists of taking over a country with oil-iraq and ignoring genocide-rwanda)
  13. What were these people thinking?

    You know some jackass will probably eventually sue the NPS for not having some kind of chainlink fence across the falls to contain people that slip. To my knowlege of the many people that have gone over vernal I don't recall any of them sueing. Maybe that climbers parents sueing over the Glacier point incident should take note. NATURE DOESN'T GIVE YOU REFUNDS! Take it or leave it.
  14. Climb4god.com

    Nice site, very well done any new videos coming soon?
  15. Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass PCT Record

    It's all about fitness. Dump the bivy gear and have the confidence you will make it. You were probably carriying too much gear.