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  1. Well I'm definitely not up to speed on all the new factions of intrinsic muscle group training cults, but I did watch my girlfriend do Pilates the other day.


    Basically I suck ass and couldnt pull my big 6'6" 200lb self up a 5.7 hand crack. THis pissed the hell out of me and I realized I'm plenty strong enough but I lack agility and grace. So I thought I would work on balance and becoming premeditated in my movements.


    Some article or another had a great breakdown of different types of workouts, and I learned about "core" training. Being able to transfer energy from top to bottom and vice-a-versa smoothly and efficiently would probably be helpful for gaining "the flow", so I figured I'd throw it out there.

  2. Hey y'all. Any recommendations on core training that doesnt require machines or weights? I have a fingerboard to use but thats it and I dont feel like buying a big ass ball or getting a gym membership.

  3. Glad your surgery was quick, painless and complication free. My doctor told me when I had hurt my back that I was lucky to be on the west coast. I was perplexed. He said that on the east coast they take a whole different approach. He told me that instead of orthoscopic surguries and such, they do crazy invasive procedures. If I hadnt been young and active they would've likely removed the disc and bolted two vertabra together to eliminate the pain! So, be extremely happy you're not in that boat!! haha, glad to here your doing good!

  4. I hope this is not off topic, but the southland had a pretty bad start to the year too.


    In January alone I believe 7 or 8 bodies were recovered off of the 3 southern California peaks of San Gorgonio, San Jacinto and Mt Baldy. That is phenominally high considering San G is the highest at only 11,500 and a class 2 on most routes.

    3 weeks ago when I climbed Mt Sill a guy fell to his death on a class 4 the night I was up there.


    All these deaths(except possibly the one on Sill) had to do in some part to the poor conditions at the time of the climb. Right. All people have the personal responsibility to make decisions, but we dont have to talk shit on those who make bad decisions and die or will very likely die...its obvious that they made a bad decision(in combo w/ bad luck). It's unneccesary to restate it.


    As far as the public perception and public cost of climbing is concerned. I believe in the last "Accidents In N. American Mountaineering" they have some statistics on who the most rescued groups are and climbers are behind hunters and hikers on it. So climbers are more capable of self-rescue and/or do not require rescue as often as some other groups of outdoor users. However, climber rescues are more dramatic than the others often due to the extreme conditions and mystic of high altitude mountaineering. That could be a problem I would imagine since it will attract more attention regardless of the statistics.


    Good climbing & better days for those in trouble and the families of those who've died

  5. I've got a college buddy living in Moscow and he goes on and on about how rediculously good looking and easy the girls are. He takes them to McD's(the nicest place in town of course) and they're like putty apparently. I'm thinking it may be in my best interest to go have a visit later this summer...though postage would probably be cheaper!

  6. Check it out, you dont NEED your SO to be into your shizzle, you WANT them to be so you have a convienient partner to go with all the time. Thats lethargy, not love. Cut them loose to do their own stuff.

    I cant agree more that its important for SO's to have stuff going on in THEIR lives that is important enough so your lives TOGETHER dont become the only thing. That sucks, trust me. Break up with someone who has nothing but you and you'll know what I mean.


    Here's something that made me trip out. A few weeks ago I called this girl I'm seeing to see if she was free to come over and get some food. She doesnt call back. No biggie I think, but I'm kinda pissed cause I wanted to see her.


    She e-mails me the next morning to tell me sorry she couldnt call back because she was in Berlin and was going to Prague in a few hours but that she would call me when she was back in town on Saturday.


    Thats the goods right there. A girl who just decides to go to Europe for a week by herself without saying shit to anyone. That kind of stuff gives me the freedom to basically do what I want and be unfettered by claustrophobia inducing velcro-attachment disorders. Maybe its not cool for everyone, but I dig it and I would recommend that everyone find someone who is genuinely independent and can roll their own shizzle.


    On the flip side though, I dont have to worry about her oggling other dudes HC's because when we're together its intense and she's into our experience. So if your problem is that your SO is untrustworthy and isnt dedicated to your deal together, then climbing more together certainly isnt going to make it all better.


    .02 (Actually I imagine one of those old spitoons that they had back in the day where fools would sit around and spit their chaw into. Makes that little [ding] when it hits..funny shit....[ding]... .02

  7. Wow, this is a long thread. Quick comment.


    I have a Cannon Elph Digital it has the optical and digital zoom but I'm not sure how many mega pixels. Its real small and the quality is adjustable so its super fine if you want, or you can take a bunch of pictures which are kinda blocky. Overall I like it.


    It does have difficulty in the cold though. The automatic lens closer thing has a tough time opening if its cold so I have to stick it in my armpit for a few seconds where it gets all wet but will open fine then.



  8. There's really not any good Mexican restaurants in the PNW. frown.gif



    I've been afforded the opportunity to live 20min from the border for a few years now and also to have travelled far and wide. Mexican food only exists in the southwest.

  9. I've been thinking about theft recently after someone disclosed a method of steal shit from REI to me. Basically, it comes down to one thing. Thieves are fucking pathetic.


    Now I'm not talking about bs hollywood Thomas Crown shit, but real deal mofo's who take shit cause they dont have the skills to acquire it honestly.


    The guys who steal shit from REI tell me it's cause they say damn the man...fucking pathetic. These guys are almost 30 years old and they're living a life of half cooked thoughts and harmful delusions of self-righteousness.


    I'll leave it at that. Thieves are lower than dog shit.


    I hope you and your girl get your stuff back.

  10. Just following up on this post.


    I got the Serratus Icefall and got a chance to take it out over night yesterday. Unfortunately it wont get to see any snow until next weekend, but it carried quite well with a light load and I'm pleased with its slim profile. Serious, its about as complex as a sausage and there is a lot to be said for that. Stuff goes in the hole, stuff comes out the hole.


    No problems with the padding, no funky buckles or snaps or anything, no snags in the pack clothe from the dense manzanita(which loved my legs and arms by the way).


    I'm looking forward to putting it through some more use, and if I remember I'll try and write something here.


  11. Sounds like someone has been studying their Twight extreme alpinism book... Don't forget Brad that Twight runs GNA and they're pushing the alp wing as the next great alpine tool.

    nah, never heard of that book, but I'll check it out now that you mention it. I was just doing some research and thought they sounded like a good tool, plus, they arent going to cost me $250 a pop..... very nice indeed

  12. I drove thru on Sunday as well on the way back from San Fran. They had those avalanche warning signs up still, but I agree, the snow was fairly sparse.

    Damn its beautiful up there, we're really lucky to have such beautiful country at our fingers. Drove south through Owens Valley. Same thing, just stunning country. I'm pumped for the Palisades on Memorial Day weekend.

  13. I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, but is it OK to rap off a sling without putting a biner on there?


    Also, can someone very simply tell me what the difference is between how double ropes differ from a 10.5 or something?

  14. I was forwarded the video of the beheading this morning and deliberated until now whether or not to watch it. It was fucking horrible. Human beings are really really fukt. I'm sick to my stomach and angry.


    Hobbes is on point. Humans are fundamentally base, vile, aggresive, and violent animals who for the most part are able to culture that part of us away through political structure, socialization, etc. While I wont go into a cultural critique, people who would hack off anothers head and hold it up in the air by the hair while shouting some B.S. in order get their message across are as developed as a fucking slug. Like children, all adults need rules and discipline. These mothafukers need some discipline and its unfortunate that we cannot retaliate as visciously as they would should they have our capabilities.


    Close down the borders, crank up the freedom propaganda machine, give people jobs and stability then root out those minority sick fuks and exterminate them. They would do no differently. Fuk politically correct, were getting schooled over there because we're doing it the right way, break the rules and get the job done. Unfortunately, of course, it is not that simple.


    As far as torturing Iraqi regulars, I am deeply saddened to see that. We took a step down the ladder with that. Whomever is responsible, including the reservists, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our law and an example be made of them that behavior such as that is contradictory to the fiber of America.


    Peace out everyone, and be glad you live in a developed freedom loving nation.



  15. Looking for partner(s) to go climbing with me on that weekend. It's not anything too crazy, just some class 3 up the last 1000' or so, which depending on the conditions could be pretty fun.

    I know most of you all are up in the Pac NW, but maybe you know someone down here or will be around during that time, either way.




  16. Check out "Corn Huskers Lotion" too if you're going to check Bag Balm. I used this stuff all the time when I worked construction and it totally hooks your hands up when they're cracked, bleeding and just super dry and lousy. I thought it was some funky Nebraska stuff, but just looked and apparently Pfizer makes it, so there must be something with it. Look for a yellow label, you should be able to get it at Safeway(Von's) or any super market.


    And it has a pleasant aroma to boot! wink.gif

  17. Marylou, got a question for ya. Why did you get the screws removed after havin 'em in for 8 years?


    Reason I ask is I have a couple plates and 8 screws holding my 4th n' 5th metacarpols on my right hand together. Well, I would hope that by now(5 years later) they are no longer holding it together but merely relics! Anywho, they f'ing kill me when I try and crack climb. Granted I'm learning, so my technique may be off, but it feels like hell and aches endlessly.


    Just curious, did the doc's try and persuade you from having them out?

  18. Had a herniation down there somewhere low, cant remember, and it was a pain in my ass(literally) for almost an entire year. I had cortizone injections and that helped a little, but I think time was my biggest ally. Time and PT. If I had it over again I would stick with the anti-inflammatory's and PT, but not take the cortizone injections. Take it easy, dont push too hard, and keep positive cause it'll wear on you.


    It was the most annoying injury I've ever sustained and I take care of my back now, because it is no joke. I was 22 when that shit happened...way too young to be crippled.