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  1. Herniated L5/S1 Disc and the aftermath

    Had a herniation down there somewhere low, cant remember, and it was a pain in my ass(literally) for almost an entire year. I had cortizone injections and that helped a little, but I think time was my biggest ally. Time and PT. If I had it over again I would stick with the anti-inflammatory's and PT, but not take the cortizone injections. Take it easy, dont push too hard, and keep positive cause it'll wear on you. It was the most annoying injury I've ever sustained and I take care of my back now, because it is no joke. I was 22 when that shit happened...way too young to be crippled.
  2. Drug testing

    Bham, assmonkey is all over this one. Drink yourself silly for as long as you can stand. I never took B, but vitamin C will make your piss yellow too. Start popping a few multi-vitamins to get the appropriate amino's in your system and you'll be golden! haha the other thing is that the shit in pot resides in fat cells, so if you're not a lard ass it wont really stay in your system all that long. drink lots of water, take vitamins, and piss like a race horse
  3. Big Toenail problem, help!!!

    Damn fooo, that shiate is gross! Argghhh, no its not that bad, but damn!
  4. Big Toenail problem, help!!!

    What is the name of the procedure to have part or all of your toe nail removed permanently? Anyone? anyone? My big toes are all f'd up. I busted one in a couple places so now it looks like a damn hammer. I get the ingrown nails in the corners too, which for those of you who "know", is a miserable experience. I've had em cut out a few times and now am religious with my TP wad stuffing to keep those bad boys propped up, but was wondering what the procedure is to get em out forever since its really a pain in my ass. Thx
  5. Where do I start?

    Blakej has a really good suggestion. If you have a local climbing club online or otherwise make it known that you're eager to learn and be someone's climbing partner. I posted a request for a climbing(rock climbing) partner and met a couple of really cool guys, one of whom went with me on my last trip. Just pay attention when they are doing stuff and you can pick up a lot relatively quickly and for cheap...well, except for now I'm learning rock climbing too which has cost me two bills! Post your "to do" trips too, you'll always have someone who wants to go. Qualifying them is a whole different problem, but you shouldnt have any difficulties finding decent partners. Best, Brad
  6. Updated Climbing Gear and Single Wall Tent Sale

    I bought the tent(Thanks!) and it came on time and was in good condition. Smooth deal, no problems with me either. .02
  7. aggro bike messenger

    I'm young and stupid, but if some guy followed me for 3 blocks and then got in my face I would have brawled with him. You just dont do that. I dont know though, it sounds like you were on your way to work, so the time might not have been right. Still though, that guy fucked up. If you had been crazier and meaner than he (instead of nice and mature), you would've spit in his eye and left him bloodied sittin on the curb next to his bike. You never know who you could be messing with, and barking up the wrong tree can cost you an awful lot. I'm positive you did the right thing and that you were in the right to begin with. Yep, count your blessing's that your not as f'd up as that guy and go forward soundly knowing you were on point with your actions.
  8. Where do I start?

    Hey, I can give you my .02 since I'm a noob to mountaineering as well. I grew up in a place called Big Bear here in the mountains of Southern California, did a lot of hiking and outdoors stuff, climbed all the small peaks around the valley(8,000ft) and then took a trip when I was 16 or 17 to Mt San Gorgonio @ 11,500ft during the summer for a couple nights. Since then, '97, I hadn't climbed anything until this winter. I went back to San Gorgonio in March with a rented REI pack, a pair of Grivel 12point crampons, a super basic ice axe and a pair of REI rented snow-shoes. I had to go by myself because I couldnt find anyone who was willing to go. Some 8 people had died in the mountains down here at that point this year and I was surely apprehensive and scared, but it made it all much more fun! I managed to summit that day in 12.5 hrs. That was really cool considering the previous time it had taken nearly 3 days round trip. What I really got from the trip was experience. I met a guy at the trailhead at 5am who I ended up spending the day with. He had climbed on at least 3 continents and mountains that I had only read about in books...I was really lucky to have met him. He was training for Mt Cook in New Zealand. Anyway, I learned how to use crampons, snow-shoes, an ice axe, how to layer clothes(sooooo important), how much water to bring, what kind of food to bring, different techniques for climbing like rest-step and different ways to use crampons, some breathing technique(I was getting a bit winded near the summit). All in one day, it was great. I had picked up "Mountaineering:Freedom of the Hills" and read it cover to cover before this trip so getting out there and doing the stuff I read solidified it and made it real. I fell on my head once when decending with the snow-shoes. I learned that leaning back when slipping in snow-shoes, while natural, only contributes to the slide. If you want to stop, lean forward and stay on your toes(where the points are). Who knew? The next weekend I went back up, hiked in 6 miles in the dark to base camp on Fri night. Got up ass crack o dawn on Saturday, climbed some super bitchin ridge on the north side of the mountain which was probably class 3 I guess. I got to try out front pointing up steep(relative) hard snow, and some mixed climbing up and over protruding rock outcroppings on the ridge. I saw some small cornices and remembered to stay the fuck away from them even though they look cool. I also learned that climbing steep dangerous(also relative) mountain terrain is infinitely more fun for me than backpacking on dry ground during the summer. So dude, just get some basic education, some of the basic gear and go do some wimpy mountaineering. "Wimpy" could be translated as; insanely dangerous to most lay people, while at the same time being dull and boring to hardened mountaineers. Dont get in over your head, but dont be afraid to push yourself. At least thats how it is working for me. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I glissaded on my ass down the side of the mountain! haha, I dont think I've had so much fun since I was 10! I'm now planning a trip for next month up into the sierra, a mountain called the Black Kaweah(sp?). Should be a LOT of fun and I expect to learn as much on this trip as the previous two. Have fun, get out there, and have fun! Cheers, Brad
  9. Recommendations on a good ~4,000ci pack?

    Yup, buying second hand is the way to go and exactly what I'm trying to do. Since we dont have a strong climbing culture here in southern california it makes my job of drumming up old packs more difficult. Soooo, if anyone reading has some old packs they think might be worth my trying out, I'd certainly be interested. I'm also learning that there isnt a "magic" wonder pack that has it all. Its all about compromise, and thats cool with me. Hell I dont even know what I'm willing to compromise yet, I dont have enough experience!
  10. Recommendations on a good ~4,000ci pack?

    Ok, more opinions on the Serratus IceFall if you please! Also, what are bar-tacks? Yeah, so everyone here sounds like they know a hell-a-lot more than me, so what kinds of accessories(basically) do I need to attach a couple ice axes, some pickets, crampons, snowboard/skis, snowshoes, etc to a pack? I mean, am I too simplistic to think daisy chains and axe loops will see me through?
  11. Recommendations on a good ~4,000ci pack?

    Very cool, thanks everyone for the reply's, I have some climbing to do so will let you know what I get and how it works. Brad
  12. Recommendations on a good ~4,000ci pack?

    How about the Aether 60? Any opinions on this pack? Also, any more opinions on the BD ice pack would be great too.
  13. Recommendations on a good ~4,000ci pack?

    No suspension on the Ice Pack though, right? That could be a problem I would think, especially on those trips where I actually want to do a full 4 days. Otherwise, yes it is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking at.
  14. Cheap synthetic jacket

    Mucho gracias!
  15. FS: Denali Gear- Cleaning out the closet!

    If you still have the gear I'd be interested in the OR stuff along with thr BD Ice Pack. Let me know..
  16. Solomon Super Mountain 9 boots

    Hey whats up! I sent an e-mail off this morning while waiting to be registered. If they're available and fit I'll take em, no problem. Let me know