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  1. Oh yeah I know already I can ride a bike. I work 20 miles away from home at two jobs that aren’t even close so fuck off.


    So move closer to your job, fuckhead


    It's amazing how few people even consider this option.



  2. Gosh what a bunch of pussies there are on this site. Jay was the only one that actually gave consideration to the question rather then going on and on about some other bullshit.


    There is a car out there for everyone and for those hippies out there claiming that you should buy a Subaru because of the better good.. shut the fuck up. I own a Subaru AND an X-terra a yellow one for that matter.

    I have the Subaru for commuting to and from the city to save on gas cost as well as to be a bit environment friendly. Oh yeah I know already I can ride a bike. I work 20 miles away from home at two jobs that aren’t even close so fuck off.

    I have the X-terra because I love it. it is built on a truck chassis so it rides like one. It is well beyond an SUV. The 4 wheel drive action is great. Ours is one of the first ones so we don’t have the supercharged. In my opinion you don’t need it. they are strong enough and go fast enough. You save a tiny bit on the gas without the supercharge. The truck is nice and solid and a lot of fun. I often take friends higher up on the roads they their Subaru’s can go when we are going backcountry. Don’t whine to me about hiking. We all drive as far in as we can and the start our hikes.

    So the rest of you that cant get your head out of your ass to figure out that your opinion isn’t for everyone.. we’ll fuck you and your Subaru.


  3. you have to do it right.. . every time REI has a sale.. the local shops like Climb Max will honor that sale. Use your REI visa when you purchase items at the local shops so you can get the 1% kick back and then at the end of the year use your dividend to get a bunch of junk you dont need.

  4. Climb Max carries some of the best Alpine packs you can buy and a good selection of down or synthetic sleeping bags as well as all the clothes you would need to summit. Yeah if you need some sticks or bindings maybe you should hit up the bunny shops like US Outdoor or OMC but when it comes to climbing.. you can’t beat Climb Max.


    Secondly if you want skis, bindings or boots.. hit up The Mountain Shop they match any sale price that OMC give you.

  5. Where do you get your statistics? Drama is for daytime television dude.


    Pasty white chicks are hot, they are outdoorsy, athletic, and don’t have skin cancer or that leather feeling… what’s $20 a month for Prozac?