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  1. Goat Rocks Conditions??

    fawking SWEET! thanks! peace
  2. How to keep your wife in line

    How to keep your wife in line?? Simple, just make sure you’re the best fuck of her life!
  3. for sale: two (2) 3/4 Ultralight Thermarests in excelent condition, with stuff sacks. $40 each or $70 for both OBO
  4. Norwegian highschool girls are political geniuses

    we have leaders??
  5. Norwegian highschool girls are political geniuses

    I bet polotics isnt the only thing they're good at
  6. mt adams

    no 4X4 getting in higher?
  7. Adams - Mazama glacier

    anyone do Adams 5/15/04?? is the approach still 6 miles and patchy??
  8. mt adams

    anyone been up this last weekend? 5/15? how long is the approach?
  9. FS: 3/4 Ultralight Thermarest

    all sold now.. thanks
  10. FS: 3/4 Ultralight Thermarest

    jon.... that sound cool! good going dude. yeah for still for sale.
  11. FS: 3/4 Ultralight Thermarest

    sounds reasonable.. some would argue that things in your pack could puncture your thermarest... it's your deal though. either way these come with stuff sacks.
  12. FS: 3/4 Ultralight Thermarest

    they have been using them since i can remember, dude. you roll em up and put um in the sack.. protects them better. when have people not used a stuff sack for a thermarest?
  13. FS: 3/4 Ultralight Thermarest

    dude dont be a dick. if you think you can get one for ten bucks go for it.. I bought mine last year for $70 each.. i want the newer more expensive ones that are full lenght.. someone might want mine, so if you do then cool.. but i dont need your eternal bullshit.
  14. climbmax

    Joel is da bomb
  15. Beal Ropes?

    I use the 10.2 Beal.. I swear by it and my friends that have been lucky to climb on it loved it so much I got them one for birthdays. it's a light, rope that clips well and feels great.. my wife belay's me on the lead. I've taken a fall and if she could hold me, well then I dont know why anyone else would have a problem. I use a reverso with it. great smooth ride. it does blacken but what roped doesnt?
  16. Smokin' (lasagna) in the boys room

    damn, Big Worm!
  17. Closure at Smith

    you all crack me up.. either way.. it was because of the post that I now know if this issue.. bitching isnt all bad.
  18. Closure at Smith

    I would probably climb it until a BLM or State Parks ranger came and told me it was closed, at which time I would ask why it was closed and whom to talk to, to get it re-opened. or you can head it off and go to access fun.
  19. Closure at Smith

    yeah a thousand climbs and 5000 people on each one. so closing a good climb for no reason IS a big deal. I'm thinking there has to be a reason but no one is giving any. were the people that said it was closed rangers or just random peeps hiking a closed area to tell others it was closed? WTF?
  20. Fight Club Smile

    Took the lead test at the gym and because I hate people watching and critiquing I wasn’t climbing my normal way. I kept biting the rope. When I got done I knew I would get a big lecture. And I knew it. Anyhow I often shrug stuff of like this. Thanks to your post.. I think I’ll listen a bit more on this one. Good luck with the new teeth and I hope you feel better soon. Peace
  21. Ankle sprain

    a month isnt a long time for a sprain. especially since you usually reinjure it quite easily. do the ABC's and ice religiously.
  22. FS: cams, stoppers, harnesses, jacket, etc.

    please send pics of crampons
  23. Quick Thinking Cops

    yeah. keep the whole thing. move to Thailand and live like a king for $30 a day. climb untill you cant
  24. smiffy this w/e (3/13)

  25. The perfect shirt for GregW!