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  1. Another Smith Rock Etiquette Question

    Ketch I think you got my point. I let a party pass us at Red Rocks since we had three and they were kicking ass. It's not like it doesnt happen. But I hold true to my policy when deemed necessary. For example. .. Glasslowkiss. Like I said it's just MY policy.. doesnt have to be for everyone.
  2. Another Smith Rock Etiquette Question

    Hey Glass, you know exactly what you can kiss. You speak like a true champion.. you know exactly how long I’ve been climbing and what grades I climb at don’t ya? Matter of fact you are such a smart guy that you should just go on passing anyone you feel in route, eh? Go for it dude, you’ll know when you meet me.
  3. Another Smith Rock Etiquette Question

    Mr. Matt, Your opinion is duly noted yet my policy has been quite effective for many years. The things many people forget to remember is that if you don’t know anything about the person you are approaching, then you best make friends before assuming you have a “right”. As you mentioned, it does depend on the situation. The situation can be good or bad based on your own decisions.
  4. Poll: Making noise at the Grasslands

    drive a mile up the road? that's how the grasslands came about being a "climber's camp" the loud people with fires and parties began going there after the pussification of the bivvy. if they have to keep moving a mile up the road for the gumbies they'll be back at portland before ya know it. until there is a camp host with posted hours and you pay to camp there.. bring on the noise and drive out even the cows.
  5. Another Smith Rock Etiquette Question

    There isn’t a “golden rule” of climbing and that is the very reason there are so many of these “etiquette” threads, given that, I agree that they allowed you to pass and that following up is a multi-pitch route is not only common but usually acceptable.. she had a bad climb and wanted someone to blame is all. But I do have to disagree with the notion… “first on a multipitch trad route doesn’t entitle you to being first to the top.” If you want to begin following up on a multi-pitch route then power to ya, but my policy has always been that if you try to pass me you’ll get bonked with my #11 hex.
  6. Official 2nd Annual Smith Tuft Love Fest thread

    will Joey be there??
  7. Poll: Making noise at the Grasslands

    The Grasslands is certainly changing and not for the better.. The Grasslands used to be a place for the dirt bag partier types to hang out after climbing.. Those of you hard pulling sport gym rats should stay at the bivy. The reason you drive 15 minutes away from those camps isn’t just because it’s free it’s because we could have fires and drink and stay up late if we so damn pleased… Now the grasslands have every gym rat Gumby telling people what to do and calling the cops.. (fawk!) Hope to keep you all awake this weekend.
  8. who uses WiFi???

    borrow a card from someone...
  9. who uses WiFi???

    it's hard to say if charges would happen... since some of us... like myself .. have WiFi set up at home and actually hope that the neighbors use it. it's like having your porch light on and thinking people shouldn’t use it to walk down the sidewalk. Someone should file charges against those guys that charge like $5/hr to use their hookup at the coffee shop.. talk about rape and pillage.
  10. who uses WiFi???

    thanks guys.. you all rock. Sorry I was a bit vague.. I meant to be. That way you all would just pour it all out. thanks again. WiFi in Portland is beginning to spread pretty well in the city. People can go on a nice climbing trip all weekend long and then go to Pioneer square on their lunch that following Monday to connect and update. I’m looking for those such people so I can get your feedback and maybe a few quotes. Thanks again!
  11. FS: Shoes, Axe, Hexes, Harness

    LOL this cracks me up!
  12. FS: Utility Trailer

    10' utility trailer for sale. 15" tires, working lights, metal coral style sides, class 3, 2" ball reciever. 1000obo peace
  13. Anyone know JOEY?

    Anyone that just so happens to have every piece of gear you are looking for and it’s less then a year old and he just wants to upgrade to new stuff…. is a scammer. Be careful. Don’t get worked.
  14. Battlecage: Bend, OR vs. Laramie, WY

    if everyone goes to WY then that leaves the other stuff to us filthy hippies.. yeah!
  15. Sport Climbing Partner wanted

    the PNW is a pretty big area.. where ya at?
  16. Gear stolen @ Rocky Butte

    isnt it more fun to just beat the livin shit out of them?
  17. Battlecage: Bend, OR vs. Laramie, WY

    Laramie is the shizzy.. rocks everywhere, biking everywhere fishing, camping, etc.. Jhole not far away.. etc.. Medicine Bow close by. Boulder just two hours south.. go, do not walk , run.
  18. Anyone know JOEY?

    sweet.. i hope someone catches him.
  19. Anyone know JOEY?

    scammer fo sho
  20. Greek Shocker!!

    jjd, You must be by far the dumbest ass-bastard alive. Soccer is not a European sport.. it’s a WORLD sport.. so go on, tell the world just how intelligent you are.. LOL What a joke!
  21. Greek Shocker!!

    boring????????? WTF? Greece with a 1-0 lead in the 70th minute while holding off massive attacks on goal by Portugal for 22 minutes.. hmmmm soccer is not a sport, it's religion
  22. Squamish Car Break-ins

    Never ever pull out a metal bar and confront a thief….. they should never see you coming.
  23. cam trade

  24. Anyone know JOEY?

  25. $80 store credit at S.A. for $75

    go to the store and buy something.. like a $100 axe on sale for like $60 .. then sell the axe on here for $85 then you can have the $5 free bucks plus some