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  1. FS - Garmont Dynamite AT Boots size 28.5 (mondo)

    what is your actual shoe size??
  2. Baghdad Burning -- Girl Blog

    first, this is an educated girl in Iraq? that has an opinion? that is allowed to express that opinion? that is rich enough to have a computer and live in a city with internet and power? sorry kids, I dont buy this bullshit. just another terrorist brainwashing the rest of the Iraqi civilians. Oh I bet the last Iraqi regime didn’t rape, kill, steal, and overall do terrible things to the “innocent” people of Iraq. I bet none of that happened. Yeah right. This is just typical brainwash to keep the Muslim people believing it is the Americans that are so horrible. So if the Americans drop everything and pull out right now and leave Iraq, will the “innocent” Iraqi citizens then not hate us? not blame us for their hardships? No matter what we do they will hate us. they hate us for being American and for protecting Israel. End of story. 100 years from now they will still hate us. Please don’t get me wrong.. I do not support this war.. I’m just calling bullshit to these so called “first hand account.”
  3. not my words, but i must agree

    hey Glass, you are my hero, man!
  4. what's up w/the PRG?

    Joseph. I was the one with the friend in the Marines that Gary personally denied a membership suspension to. So it did happen. Also stop with the “Gary isn’t getting rich.” Excuses. Most of us don’t expect the world to be handed to us just because we belong to PRG.. but as you can see he charges twice as much as any other gym in the freaking country. So if he’s not doing well then he’s a financial idiot. A few things that I want to report though on a positive note.. this thread IS working. I’m in total shock myself.. but it is. So far there have been NEW ropes put up in place of the really freaking scary ones he had. Also some of the routes have changed per some of the members recommendations.. so that’s another plus. So I say good job for all that bitched and moaned and good job to Gary and PRG for actually listening. Now, financially the gym is still ridiculously high on membership costs.. since people are paying it I doubt it will change. Lead ropes and suspending memberships I really doubt are going to fly. But lead certificates should NOT be charged for. (even though that does nothing for me now) Longer expiration on a punch card would be really nice. And cheaper too. $12 a day is still a lot. As an annual member you CAN bring in someone who has NEVER been before.. but I would like to see if each year an annual member can have just two free “appreciation” passes so they can bring in anyone they want say their wife who has been before or a friend who refuses to join but you like to climb with.. etc.
  5. what's up w/the PRG?

    I don’t agree with supplying lead ropes only because the ropes he supplies for TR is so bad that it’s scary.
  6. what's up w/the PRG?

    dudes we have been trying to get Gary to suspend annual memberships since the beginning of time. he wouldn’t even suspend my friend's when he had to go away to war. how lame is that? nickel and dime the customers I think is the biggest thing that pisses people off. I doubt we'll get anywhere with the annual membership suspension option, but making the annual membership more enticing would be a GREAT start. For example.. if I’m an annual member why do I have to pay extra for a lead card? ( too late for me too but oh well) If I’m an annual member why do I have to give up an entire wall for some “reserved class”? Why not offer two free day passes to annual members to bring in their spouses or friends (even if they have been before)?
  7. what's up w/the PRG?

    free studioworks for annual members. no wall reserving! equal leading routes to TR routes, mid-range lead routes, camera on the bike rack area, .... he just had a promo with his bouldering preview... and charged new people to come in.. lame.
  8. Mt Hood Conditions

    I was up there and it looked NOTHING like that.
  9. what's up w/the PRG?

    that was nicely put. thanks. yeah guess it's a mood LOL peace
  10. what's up w/the PRG?

    a sad sappy story doesnt change shit. Either he’ll succeed or he’ll loose all his longtime customers and he’ll fail. Simple as that.
  11. 5 must skis in the PNW

    Goat Rocks
  12. What're Ya Reading Now?

    Hawkes Harbor S.E. Hinton
  13. Favorite movie lines

    Now you will receive us. We do not ask for your poor or your hungry. We do not want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that will be sought by us. With every breath, we shall hunt them down. Each day we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies. Do not kill, do not rape, and do not steal, these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behavior and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost. There are varying degrees of evil, we urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain. But if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three and on that day you will reap it. And we will send you to which ever god you wish
  14. Favorite movie lines

    We’re sorta like 7-Eleven, we may not always be doing business but we’re always open.
  15. Favorite movie lines

    Nine time out of ten, it's an electric razor. But, every once in a while ... (whispers) ...it's a dildo. It's airline policy not to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. We use the indefinite aricle: "A dildo." Never "Your dildo."
  16. FOR SALE: Integral Designs UniShelter Bivy Bag

    J I sent this to a friend who is interested and he says he emailed you. let me know if you got it. He'll buy it with cash, since he actually has some. LOL
  17. So I'm trying to abuse the REI return poicy.....

    that was way more then 2 cents worth dude. I think you should tell us how you REALLY feel.
  18. FOR SALE: Integral Designs UniShelter Bivy Bag

    No trades Jarred??
  19. what's up w/the PRG?

    damn Iain! I hear ya.. but I had to open up my X business again, and I'm still broke! LOL
  20. what's up w/the PRG?

    it's true.. a "call me or email me" about the issue is like when you ask for a quote an a car and the salesman wants you to come down to his office to best discuss it.. most people dont play that game homie. a web forum makes people brave. they chat with other climbers and vent the issues. if Gary reads it and takes it to mind great. I'm not afraid since I already have spoken face to face with Gary and have over heard others talking to Matt about the same issues. the prices are rediculous. the airconditioning was never used. yearly member should get more bang for the buck.. like free yoga for gods sake. a six month pass should be available. reserving an entire wall is outrageous since we all pay for the gym we should be able to use any portion of it. at the prices charged the ropes should not be in THAT bad of shape as they are. hours are stupid.. weekends should be longer not shorter.
  21. Friends

    #1.5 tech friend for $20.50
  22. what's up w/the PRG?

    As stated earlier Gary has been approached but sometimes it takes a while to actually see the magnitude of the issue. Sometimes people are thinking to themselves that things are lame and the read posts like this and get to chime in. the more people that do that the more of a big deal it may become to Gary. At first he may just thought that it was just a few punks and no big deal. Winter… my only suggestion is that if you really hate hearing people bitch about PRG …. Then don’t click on a thread titled “what’s up with PRG?” unless of course you enjoy the torture.
  23. Ideas for the weekend

    put your AT boots on and hike Dog Mt. Mt Hamilton or Mt Definance in the gorge
  24. what's up w/the PRG?

    B-rock there is a Bally's in vancouver that used to be another name... Anyhow it has the full on weights, yoga classes, treadmills, bikes, swimming pools, hot tubs, showers, lockers, saunas, rock wall, etc… and it was only $45 a month. Having pools and stuff creates a big overhead.. having an oversized woody does not. Gary even advertise air-conditioning and air vents to keep the chalk dust down…. yet all summer didn’t you notice the sliding door up and yet it was still hot and humid? I know it is the same rant over and over.. and it may not seem like things will change.. but things will. More people will drop out etc.. the gumbies that bought year memberships and never came back will expire and soon Gary will be forced to take notice where his customers have gone. Positive change is much slower then negative. Also the co-op thing is happening it’s just not advertised.
  25. what's up w/the PRG?

    thanks Bill, It’s funny how outside of context people are so different. I actually do talk to Gary but he’s pretty bull headed when it comes to how he’s gonna run his business. I have talked to him and so have several others and really why should he change.. his system is working and he’s making money. All that is understandable. I can tell that when not in business mode Gary is probably a really good person. But sooner or later people get sick of being screwed over and will move on .. that is the pattern I see now. and the origin of this post. So no, “put up or shut up” is not the way to go here. The post was started asking what is up with PRG. So that is exactly what we are talking about. And we have every right to bitch about it. improvement doesn’t come from everyone being nice, nice. So anyhow Gary is loosing some long time customers, he’ll gain new ones, and then maybe he’ll lose them too. the fact remains that people have problems with the new PRG. I’ve seen people bitch about local gear shops here only to have an owner or employee see how many people were saying negative things… and then change them. so maybe Gary will get word. Maybe not, who knows? But if you don’t like something…. don’t ever put up or shut up… voice it.