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  1. The Ladies

    LOL Whistler BC is da bomb!
  2. from Oregon to J-Tree

    since you've been to all these which would YOU prefer to go to and why? this great.. learning of some new spots. thanks a ton
  3. from Oregon to J-Tree

    thanks for the tips.. not "set" on J-Tree just want to go somewhere I havent been. been to redrocks.. havent been to Yosimite, J-Tree, City of Rocks, Moab, ok pretty much nowhere! I've been to BC a ton, all over Oregon and Washington. just want to take a week off and see something new. thanks
  4. Bouldering pad

    check out Climb Max in pdx
  5. Bouldering pad

    check out climb max in portland or order online at pagangear.com and you can get one around $89
  6. Unofficial Smiff Throw-Down this weekend!!!

    nice to finally meet ya mike. take it easy
  7. Unofficial Smiff Throw-Down this weekend!!!

    is that rain in the forcast for smith?
  8. 15% code at REI

    weak! you can get 20% at Climb Max without using some lame code
  9. Yoga Classes in Portland

    Yoga in the Pearl rocks. go there fo sho!
  10. St Helens

    Does anyone know the status of St Helens? Is it still closed to climbing?
  11. I'd go with the Beal. just my opinion
  12. Seattle vs. Portland

    I live in Portland but have to agree. Canadian chicks are HOT
  13. St Helens

    yeah hiking. LOL what's up with that?
  14. and Columbia bought Mt Hardware. it happens man.
  15. Could this fucking finally be it!?!?

    we got it before but then it warmed up.. so it's a matter of it not warming up again.
  16. Sno-Park permits issued by Washington, California and Idaho are honored in Oregon and Oregon permits are honored in those states.
  17. Beacon Rock - SE Corner Question

    I would do the first pitch of SE corner and then go straight up from the belay station from there. it's a hard pitch but clean and fun. the traverse and the 4th class scramble suck. I've done it, just to do it and now I'll skip that part from here on out. good luck
  18. What's your snaffle name?

    Commander Furryface
  19. Where to take a newbie in PDX?

    go to Rocky butte.. best that portland has to offer.
  20. For Sale: GoLite Backpack *SOLD*

    does it hold skis well? and a sleeping bag?
  21. Natalie Portman

    go see Closer. steamy
  22. MP3 Player recommendations?

    http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/Produ...ategory_id=5906 Ok as far as the players goes iPod holds the market pretty firm. The iPod mini is really nice. But these are spendy and still a little on the big side for simple stuff like running. I have an iRock! It is the smallest by far and cheapest. You forget it is even there. I use it for Mountaineering and BC skiing. Very happy with it. check it out.
  23. Women Climbers Reaching for the Top

    Back in the day.. women themselves were thought of as low second class people.. same as the blacks, the Native Americans, etc.. Now you read comments like that and you cant believe that it was a common opinion.. Yet in the year 2004 we just choose to discriminate against gays.. same story. They’re not good enough for all the same laws you and I enjoy. It’s unheard of to think that. Too bad we just can’t fast-forward to the time where we’ll look back at all the people that voted to discriminate.. including the US President and we’ll shake our heads in disbelief and shame. All people are equal. Once everyone grasps that.. we’ll be on our way to a better world