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  1. La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot.

    What size are they? La Sportiva doesn’t size in US standards.. are they 38 or 39???
  2. Clipping 101

    Leading isn’t a skill it’s an attitude.
  3. Portland Area

    look up Paradise Park trail head off Road 39 Mt Hood
  4. $14

    I disagree.. that the artist is so badly wounded by file sharing.. in fact I can name many occasions where burning a disk for a friend turned them into a fan who now purchases the artists complete works as well as goes to see their shows… Show me exactly how bad Madonna is hurting when someone file shares?
  5. New to Portland area - where's the climbing?

    PRG is way crowded and $68 a month not 50, the peeps are cool but the owners are thieves... you should be able to check PRG out for free for the first time.. if not PM me and I'll take you in for free one time. the climbs around portland have been mentioned.. right now they're all too wet. by the end of the summer you'll know where everything is at.
  6. What does it take to work at US Outdoor?

    US Outdoor has become the Abercrombie and Fitch of mountain shops. The guys working there have just been there long enough but recently you HAVE to be a very young, very ignorant, and very hot chick to work there. Although I don’t mind because I LOVE the eye-candy, but I usually only go in there to check prices on items I already know everything about. So I advise anyone to use the US Outdoor shop as a way of finding a price and then go to the other shops and make them beat it. If you want Beta.. go to the MT Shop and talk to Jeremy.