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  1. Need a new training hike...

    Stupid post, it didn't put in the link for Granite: http://www.summitpost.com/show/mountain_link.pl/mountain_id/440 I got drooled on by a girl on the short bus...
  2. Need a new training hike...

    I 2nd McClellan Butte. You also may want to check out Granite Mountain as well. It's in the N.Bend vicinity and it is a great ass kicker. Just watch out for the AV gulches near the top.
  3. Route Guide for Tieton?

    SCORE! I just ordered the "Quick and Dirty" guidebook from Hyperspud for $10 who will ship it via mail for $2. Thanks Sobo, Rksanyone, and Goatboy.
  4. Route Guide for Tieton?

    SCORE! I just ordered the "Quick and Dirty" guidebook from Hyperspud who will ship it via mail for $2. Thanks Sobo, Rksanyone, and Goatboy.
  5. Route Guide for Tieton?

    I've been toproping and practicing placing pro over at Vantage. I didn't explain it completely. Your statement makes perfect sense CBS.
  6. Route Guide for Tieton?

    I was looking for mostly sport since I'm still working on my trad skills. I've never actually been there so I may go out this weekend and check it out. It also appears that Hyperspuds website is a little in disarray or being constructed. I'm going to call them today and if I cruise over I may pick it up while in the Yakima area. Continuing my trad statement above, where is a good place to test falls on pro? I was going to do it at Vantage, but the rock there isn't as diverse as I would like to see. I want to see some granite where there is some variance. When does Darrington usually come in? Late August?
  7. Sherman Wall in West Seattle?

    Seriously? Is it really that easy? I'm not really surpised since it was constructed in the 30's, but...
  8. I'm considering a move from Wedgewood over to WSeattle and was wonderin' how the Sherman wall compares to the UW Wall? I can't tell from the pics on the Park's Dept Website and can't get over there till the weekend to check it out.
  9. Route Guide for Tieton?

    Hmm. It doesn't really look good for the time being. I was really hoping to get away from the crowds at FC. I'm a little stretched thin of that place as of late (and that was before the accident...). Hopefully Yoder & CO will release their book soon to help the problem for a short time until the Tieton catches on like FC has recently. Is there anyway I could score from/pay for a copy of their guide book?
  10. I've been looking for the last couple days and haven't found anything outside of Smoot's book. Is there any other source with more routes to climb available locally or online?
  11. Training climbs for Liberty Ridge?

    I've always been interested in the NF of Maude. Is it really a 3/4 like the description in summitpost suggests? I seem to remember it wasn't rated at that level of difficulty in Nelson's book, but I could be wrong or global warming has made the route more interesting.
  12. Training climbs for Liberty Ridge?

    Drew, you're right, the Coleman was a bit of a stretch since it completely condition specific. I've done the Emmons, but doing it again for the true beta the week before is an excellent suggestion. I haven't done Eldo, but I think it is similar to doing Whitehorse in a day with some bushwhacking?
  13. Anyone have any suggestions on which volcano routes would be good training climbs/warm ups for LR? I was considering the Sandy Glacier Headwall on Hood, the Lava Glacier Headwall on Adams and the Coleman Headwall on Baker. I'm more interested in something with less objective danger that will give a good feel for the conditions.
  14. La Sportiva Nepal Extremes

    Damn. I've pratically been basing my boot buying future on getting those boots. They just seemed so perfect for what I wanted. I was a little wary of the Trango S's due to 'rumors' of lack of waterproofing. I think the latest Backpackers review noted that as well, but when I checked in out on the LSport. web site it states the contrary. I also wasn't too keen on having to buy new crampons to fit the S's. Thanks for your input Dustin, you may have saved me some headache!
  15. La Sportiva Nepal Extremes

    I love the comfort of the boot, it fits every well and I do have a wide foot. The problem is my right ankle has less flex than the left and this puts extreme pressure on the right ball of my foot. I just need a boot that is a little more flexible in the front. I'm looking to pick up some of the Trango S's instead. I have a pair of Salomon's that are a 3/4 shank that work fine for vertical ice and etc. so these are expendable. I hate to get rid of them considering I sunk a good deal of cash into them... Super warm a super comfy if I don't walk in them.