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  1. cragging near chelan?

    i'll be camping at the lake chelan state park for a couple days in a few weeks and was wondering if there was any cragging in the area, maybe within an hours drive?
  2. Peak Oil

    i'm so tired of hearing people complain about gas being $3 a gallon. its really not that bad.
  3. WTB: old skis

    i'm putting together some beater approach skis. so i'm looking for some old skis to use. anybody have anything laying around for free or cheap? maybe in the b'ham area so i could pick them up? let me know. i'm looking for skins too.
  4. FS: AT Bindings, Koflach boots, Thermo Liners

    i want a set of bindings.
  5. peak east of mamie pass

    if you look north from the hannegan pass trailhead, there is a peak just east of mamie pass. does anyone know anything about the quality of the rock on the south face? anyone ever climb it?
  6. I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref!

    blaming the refs is lame. take the game for what it was and move on. seattle had a great season. i'm happy for bettis too. thats a good way to go out.
  7. GO HAWKS!!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!
  8. What if we win this Game?

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!
  9. GO HAWKS!!!!!

    OH YEAH!!!! AN HOUR AN A HALF TILL GAME TIME!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  11. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  12. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  13. GO HAWKS!!!!!

    OH YEAH!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. GO HAWKS!!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  16. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  17. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  18. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  19. What if we win this Game?

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Bellingham noob looking for a buddy

    i live near bellingham, maybe we could climb down at mt erie sometime?
  21. 911 Truth Movement Documentary

    i don't know if popular science did an article, but popluar mechanics did and here is the article.
  22. DHL

    i had DHL call me to get directions to my house, twice!
  23. Your Seattle Seahawks

    can't wait for the game on saturday!
  24. Your Seattle Seahawks

    hawks will beat the colts and i'll be there to see it!