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  1. I am heading to Joshua tree Friday , have room if anybody needs a ride down that way. Feel free to contact me via cell @ 503-341-2968 Shawn
  2. Alan .... you deserve alot of credit for your contributions to climbing , met you a few times back in the 80's when I had moved to Oregon from Yosemite and was impressed with your humility as well as the routes you had put up , always nice to see a good person do great things....credit where credit is due. Was wondering...do you seriously get gripped on 5.8's ? goin on 50 this year myself. Best to you Brother
  3. Kev and I have built a 25' outdoor climbing wall in Beaverton... and we're looking for others that wanna train with us. We figured the money we would spend at the gym would be better spent on beer, so.... if you're interested in some free plastic pullin , drop me a line....lookin for a few other climbers that can get together weekday eve's .... We mainly climb trad in the 5.9-5.11 range and are lookin for likeminded , twisted individuals to hang with.... Shawn
  4. Just floated by it this week....awesome lookin stuff, never climbed there but am going soon. Would be interested to know best approach?.....Anyone interested in going let me know
  5. Dmuja, Excellent points ! Not everyone sees it so clearly.
  6. Iain , Thank you for the insight and clarification. As a climber , I am always sad to see fellow climbers lose their lives. Never a good thing and most sad for the families and loved ones. When these accidents ocurr , we as climbers are compelled to know exactly what happened. I sure do , any one of us could find ourselves in a bad situation ( many of us have and got lucky). We need to know , maybe it helps in dealing with it. We also learn from these tragedies. Climbing is and always will be dangerous, it claims lives every year. We lose our own and need to understand how and why. It is never meant to be disrespectfull or insensitive to any who have suffered loss.
  7. I am going up in the morning to volunteer , anybody else wanna go?
  8. Sport climbing is fine...just keep it at Smith. I like having less people to contend with on the real..errr..trad lines.
  9. Mods this should be in the TR index: This is not a trip report , but a disscussion... If Yocum get's done a couple times per season , seems there would be more TR's..Thanks Marcus and Matt. Like to hear of someone who did the gendarmes directly , Most seem to skirt them...
  10. Did a search in trip reports and in general on Yokum Ridge...not alot of info or trip reports. I spend alot of time on the hill and don't hear of anyone doing Yokum. I know it's a very condition's dependant route, and it's on my list. Would enjoy hearing anyone's trip report or epics. I remember back in the 80's a friend who had done it telling me " near the top, if you fall, your belayer better jump off the other side" ...
  11. Thanks guys....Wayne sent ya a pm , anybody done it in the last few years?
  12. Hi Wayne...Don't think we've met , although it would be an honor. I have had a fascination with the black spider route ever since doing the wy'east long ago. I am hoping to get up there this season , providing it comes in to shape. I have taught skiing on Hood for 25 years now and am currently with Timberline Ski school , maybe we crossed paths somewhere in there? Wayne , thanks again for responding ! I'd love to hear more about that side of the mountain, maybe over a cold one sometime? Shawn Darris
  13. Michael...Do you have a route description or topo?..maybe a pic of where it goes?...any info appreciated.
  14. Has anybody posting here done the Black Spider on Hood? Looking for info....thanks.
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